Pro-ject Head Box DS2 B vs Rupert Neve RNHP
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Jan 8, 2014
Anyone have the Pro-Ject Head Box DS2 B? I am curious to know how it compares to the RNHP.

The Pro-ject seems more powerful and has a balanced 4 pin XLR out on the front. I wonder if this is a better amp for the price? $599 for the Pro-Ject and $499 for the RNHP.

Also does anyone know where Pro-Ject makes this amp?
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Hi @MonkeyDance,

While I can't comment on the DS2 B as I don't have it or heard it but I am a long time owner of the RNHP, which I use whenever I want a reference sound.
Saying that, I have quite a few head amps to choose from & more often than not, rotate through my amps or as the mood strikes...
The only real helpful advice I can give you is go demo of both head amps if you're interested so you can make your own decision as you can't tell by specs alone then you can trust your own opinion, more importantly ears.
Everyone's hearing is different as how sound is percieved, this doesn't even include head shape, ear shape, ear canal shape, etc...

Here are several points to consider but not limited to when choosing ANY AUDIO GEAR :

Sensitivity [SPL or DB Level on Head Gear]
Sound Tuning

Technically, both head amps have single ended circuits internally as far as I am aware so Balanced Inputs as well as the Balanced Out on the DS 2B (implied in the name) is mainly for convenience for those who have balanced mini 4 pin XLR terminated plugs.
As a general rule, Balanced connections tend to provide a stronger audio signal, whether this is better than SE is highly subjective & personally from experience, I have heard many SE head amps which sound subjectively 'better' to be than balanced but mileage will of course vary.
Unfortunately, Perception Bias may also influence said mileage.

In line with that statement, I tend to run RNHP exclusively from it's balanced input through a monitor controllor which acts as a preamp of sorts so I have as close to a balanced signal...of sorts.
It is often misconstrued & glossed over by many audio manufacturers Output Power is the determining factor when choosing audio gear, it definitely isn't as I pointed out in my earlier points & sure, the DS 2B may seem more powerful on paper compared to the RNHP but source & source quality temporarily aside, SNR & FR are actually better on the RNHP than the DS 2B.
So from the outset, provided said source & source quality are decent to good in the first step in the audio chain, not to mention, depending on head gear choice, there will be a distinct difference in overall sound quality, especially since the RNHP hardly, if any, alters the sound in any way.

As to where the DS B2 is made, more than likely China, which while there is nothing wrong with this, nor should it really affect your purchasing decision, since you asked that question, it is the most likely answer.

Hope all this makes sense, feel free to ask more if you need.

Hope you have a great day !

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