Pro and Cons of your current true wireless in ear monitor?
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Dec 25, 2011
Pro and Cons of your current truly wireless in ear monitor?

Samung iconx 2018- pros; touch controls including volume, long battery life, solid bluetooth. cons; could sound better, they sound very good but its just ok sounding, usb charging. needs an eq in the app. charging case only has one charge.
Jabra elite sport- pros; nice and powerful sound that is clear, solid bluetooth connection, great health app with heart rate monitor, app has eq., locked in fit in ears. cons; on the heavy side for ear buds. buttons are hard to press, no usb c charging.
Sony wf1000x- pros; sounds really good, very light and small buds, looks highend cons; low battery life, needs to be sweat proof, no volume controls, needs stronger bass that goes a little lower. should be a little louder.
Jams ultra- pros; the best Bluetooth connection I have experience, light and small, case holds a lot of charges, gets loud. looks nice cons; very powerful bass can over power highs and mids, and kind of muddy, no volume controls
Jabra elite 65t-pros; alot of good stuff here, great controls including volume, fantastic sound, clear, deep bass, nice mids and great highs, very loud, battery lasts forever, case has 2 extra charges, solid Bluetooth connection, good app with eq con- ear buds are very slippery and hard to grab out of case, needs a better lock for case, buds can pop out of case if dropped, no usb c charging, these are the best out there now that I have used to date.

there are a lot more pros and cons i could add to my list but these stood out to me with the ones I currently own.
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Mar 19, 2018
SOUL ST-SX - pros: Great connectivity (auto connect once it is out of the case), sounds amazing, tiny, affordable. Cons: Couldn't find a con for this model!

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