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Prisoner Cell Block H - fi

  1. lucozade
    41GvCy7NnL._SS400_.jpg                                                                                 So who else out there has the complete DVD boxset of prisoner Cell Block H ? ( the largest boxset on earth )
    containing 174 dvds ,all 40 seasons (694 episodes) 
    And which are your favorite characters from this classic series ? , mine are BEA SMITH and THE FREAK aka Joan Ferguson [​IMG]
  2. soozieq


    Hey!! That show was repeated in the 90s and finished in the middle of a series for some reason, and was never screened again. I don't know what happened there, but I know that most of the cast ended up in Neighbours and Muriel's Wedding [​IMG]
    Joan Ferguson was scary... didn't she used to wear the sinister white glove to, ahem, 'inspect' prisoners when they were admitted? And what about Vinegar Tits? I only remember her nickname, not her real name. And there was dear old Lizzy who reminded me of Galen from Planet of the Apes.

    And then scary Fergie  [​IMG]
    It was really badly acted, and did they even have a budget? But there was something embarrassingly watchable about it. I remember reading (after it had finished) that Fergie was coming to the London stage with that GLOVE!!!!! I hope they washed it or dumped it after!!
  3. lucozade
    , @soozieq , your still here ,cool.I new i could count on you to get the ball rolling. Vinegar tits was Vera Bennett and she became Governor of barnhurst ,the prison farm out in the sticks. You seem to have a thing about that GLOVE !!! , did it give you nightmares when you used to watch cell block  [​IMG] , it was a black leather one by the way LOL. 
    What a great tv show that was ,and yes you are right ,quite a few of the actors/actresses ended up in neighbours and home and away.I was watching an interview with the actress how played bea smith the other week ,she is a little grey haired old lady now ! 
    Poor old lizzy she did like a drink or two. 

  4. soozieq


    Oh yeah. It was a black leather glove, that's right! The way she slid it slowly over her hand with that strange twisted half-smile was very sinister [​IMG]
    VinegarTits was Vera Bennett, ah yes, I remember. She was an old bat too wasn't she? I liked Bea though. She was a tough old boot but she had a heart. She used to take a lot of the new girls under her wing... ooh, do you remember the Governor? Ann someone or other. I always liked her. Did she leave before it ended? I still haven't seen the end!
    I just looked at Lizzy and Galen again.... they're mother and son.
  5. lucozade


    Vinegar tits was the nasty screw before Joan Ferguson came along, a real *****cat in comparison to the freak though . There was two governors of wentworth detention center , Erica Davidson was first ,than Ann whats her name ? took over ,i am not sure if she stayed to the end as i am only half way through the series, i still got about 350 episodes to watch, its very addictive viewing [​IMG] Do you remember meg Morris ,the good screw ?

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