Primaluna Evo 100, 200, 300, 400
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Feb 3, 2018
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Quick update.

Amp sounds great with Utopia’s and Empyrean but as soon as I plug in my Susvara it all goes to s**t. Something within the amp doesn’t like it and after 2-3 minutes of playing at any volume past 12 o’clock the music begins to distort badly.

Initial dealer reaction is that they have no idea of cause but are investigating. A warning to anyone pairing these amps to Susvaras. It’s odd that their manual calls this out yet no one can tell me what they mean by modification to circuit.
Same thing happened to me with the Audeze lcd-4. I mentioned it once here and was lambasted that it was nonsense. I'm sorry this happened to you but in my opinion Prima Luna doesn't do well as power hungry headphones.

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