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PRICE DROP Western Electric 421A's NOS/NIB

Trader History (3)
  1. SonicTrance
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Anywhere
    Three tubes left now!
    All tests strong and have matching electronics as well as date codes. Bought NOS by me and never used, only tested.

    Here's the test results:
    3: 16000/16500
    4: 15750/16000
    5: 16000/15750
    These results are in umhos. Tested on my calibrated Heathkit TT1-A using 5998 settings.

    Two of them have date code 6752 and one have 6726 (this one is missing it's original box)
    These are very nice. No rattles and all are tight to base. True NOS tubes.

    Price: $250 a piece. Plus shipping from Sweden.

    20190531_193644.jpg 20190531_193653.jpg 20190531_193702_HDR.jpg 20190531_193947.jpg
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
  2. SonicTrance
    Price drop!
  3. kimdeug
    Hi from New Zealand.

    I am interested in 5 of them.
    What is the total price after "Price Drop", please?
    Can you do PayPal?
  4. SonicTrance
    If you buy all five the total for the tubes are $1250. I need to check shipping cost to NZ.
    Yes, I can do PayPal. Will send you a PM when Ive checked the shipping.
  5. kimdeug
    Waiting you.
    Let me know.

  6. SonicTrance
    All tubes are still available.
  7. m17xr2b
    Great seller, got a quad of 6AS7G and readings were to NOS levels as described.
  8. SonicTrance
  9. SonicTrance
    Tubes are still available.
  10. SonicTrance
  11. SonicTrance
  12. SonicTrance
    Price drop! Will have the tubes up for a day or two with this price. Then I'll end the classified and put the tubes in storage. I can't go lower as I will loose money on them.
  13. SonicTrance
    Two tubes sold!

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