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Price Drop! Stax SR-007 (O2mkI) 71xxx serial - Exceptionally Clean!

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by italiandoc1, Mar 9, 2019.
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  1. italiandoc1
    For Sale or Trade
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    • North America
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    Hi All,

    Looking to sell my lovingly used 007. These excellent stats have been paired with a BHSE and played only at "responsible" levels. There are no issues or defects to disclose - channel balance and SQ are perfect. It is the brown/bronze scheme and will come with original packaging, paperwork, and flight case. Pads and suspension are original and are barely broken in (see pics)! If you are looking for an O2mkI, this is a great set.

    Looking for $1800, ships to US for now. Buyer to pay shipping/pp. Would consider trades for higher end planars (Ether2, HEKv2 or se, LCD4) or possibly CA Solaris iems with cash to even.

    Please see my other feedback at italiandoc1 on ebay, or mfabri1 on audiogon.

    Thanks for looking!

    20190228_210103.jpg 20190228_210010.jpg 20190228_205953.jpg
  2. italiandoc1
  3. italiandoc1
    up + price drop to $1700

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