*Price Drop*: Russian 6N6P, 6N6P-I, 6N6P-IR tube set

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    Selling a set of 6N6P type tubes, seven tubes in total, model and year listed below:

    -pair Foton 1966 6N6P
    -pair Foton 1966 6N6P-I
    -pair Novosibirsk 1983 6N6P-IR
    -single Novosibirsk 1987 6N6P-IR

    These are some of the best NOS 6N6P types available from my research. Used commonly in the Schiit Valhalla as well as the Little Dot amps. These tubes were purchased in NOS condition from the Ukraine and Russian over the past month. The 1983 6N6P-IR's have about 20 hours on them, every other tube has less than 5 hours. All are free of noise and microphonics.

    Price for the full set is $100, includes shipping and Paypal fees to the USA only. PM me if interested, thanks for looking!

    IMAG0085.jpg IMAG0086.jpg IMAG0087.jpg
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