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[Price Drop] Oriolus Mk II (Mk 2) - free worldwide shipping

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by royneo, Apr 23, 2019.
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  1. royneo
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Anywhere
    Selling a very well-maintained Oriolus Mk2 which has been used sparingly over the past 4 months.The physical condition is very good; there's a slight user mark on the right IEM housing but again, it's very minor. You would have to take quite some effort to even see it, but just wanted to caveat this clearly for prospective buyers. This IEM comes with 3 pairs of silicon tips (S,M & L) and 2 pairs of foam tips, a shirt clip, a cleaning cloth and an ear loop tool. Alongside these accessories, a thick 4-strand, 19-core OFC Silver-plated Copper 3.5mm cable would be included.

    photo_2019-04-24_08-55-10.jpg photo_2019-04-24_08-55-11.jpg photo_2019-04-24_08-55-12.jpg photo_2019-04-24_08-55-13.jpg photo_2019-04-24_08-55-13 (2).jpg photo_2019-04-24_08-55-15 (2).jpg

    photo_2019-04-24_08-55-14.jpg photo_2019-04-24_08-55-15.jpg photo_2019-04-24_08-55-16.jpg photo_2019-04-24_08-55-17.jpg photo_2019-04-24_08-55-18 (2).jpg photo_2019-04-24_08-55-18.jpg photo_2019-04-24_08-55-19.jpg photo_2019-04-24_08-55-20.jpg

    I'm selling this well-maintained Oriolus Mk2 at 580 Euros and shipping is free worldwide. The Oriolus Mk2 has been highly-rated. If you were to do a search in the "Rank the IEM's you've heard" thread here on Head-fi, you'll find that the Oriolus Mk2 is consistently ranked above Campfire Audio's Andromeda - a testimony to the Mk2's incredible value-for-money. The Oriolus Mk2 is also a hybrid IEM - 1 10mm Dynamic driver for the bass region, 1 BA for mids & 2 BAs for trebles. You just don't find any good hybrid IEMs as cheap as these, other hybrid IEMs of equal standing are in the upward range of 1,000 Euros. If you require any special instructions for shipping and customs, please feel free to let me know.

    I'll ship to anywhere in the world. Price equivalents for your region can be found below:

    Europe: 580 Euros
    UK: 516 GBP
    Australia: 945 AUD
    US: 650 USD

    As paying thru Goods & Services is the only Paypal option in my country, I'm unable to accept Paypal gifted. If you would like to save on the Paypal fees, I can also accept payments thru Transferwise.

    • Driver: three balanced armature driver & one 10mm dynamic driver
    • Shell: imported German resin shell
    • Sensitivity: 114db
    • Impedance: 16Ω
    • Frequency response: 10Hz-40KHz
    • Plug: 18K gold-plated pin, detachable design, 0.78mm 2- pin
    • Line length: 120cm
    • Net weight (excluding cable): 11g


    Imported cavity resin
    • Imported cavity resin shell hand-made cavity, with gold inlaid "Oriolus" logo and embedded in the resin material, filling low-key luxury.
    • In order to prevent attrition in daily use, enhanced wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
    Dynamic + balanced armature hybrid technology ,4 drivers and three-way
    • Oriolus II used four drivers and three-way dynamic + balanced armature hybrid technology, to integrate the advantages of balanced armature transparent treble and dynamic shock bass to one. The low frequency is responsible by a 10mm large driver dynamic, middle frequency (× 1) and high frequency (× 2) are used of Denmark sonion’s balanced armature driver. Mini Audio put the speaker frequency technology into this earphone, so the bass part is particularly deep and powerful, but also enhancing the separation of the sound, so that the output of the sound more layered.
    Hi-res Audio Certified ultra-high resolution
    • Thanks to the collocation of three balanced armature drivers and the processing power of the sound detail, the Oriolus II maintains a high level of resolution. Oriolus II pay more attention to the reduction of sound, the reduction of vocals and musical instruments are biased in nature, not deliberately to show, the amount of information is also in place to capture. The taste of Oriolus II balanced armature is still very adequate, the resolution of the instrument will be better than the resolution of the human voice.
    Easy to drive
    • Oriolus is superior to adaptability of front-end equipment, belong to low resistance and high sensitivity earphone, very easy to drive.
    1.8K gold-plated 0.78mm 2-pin
    • Oriolus used detachable design, the standard 0.78 pin, you can replace a variety of wire material with corresponding pin
    Aluminum alloy storage box
    • Oriolus "bird's nest" - aluminum alloy storage box, the use of die-casting aluminum alloy cut by CNC, solid and durable.
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    Price drop!
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    Price dropped!
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    Interested in a trade? :)
  15. royneo
    Hi there,

    I would prefer a sale but send me a pm letting me know what you have for trades. :)

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