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Price drop! Onkyo DP-X1A $499.99 CAD - bonus addition of 2 200GB micro SDs!

Trader History (7)
  1. Jephre
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   Canada
    Best offer:
    Hi there,

    I'm getting out of the hobby and into another one (electric guitars). I'm only selling this in Canada for now, unless I get a good offer from someone in the US.

    Onkyo DP-X1A ($499 CAD; comes with 2 200GB micro SDs for a total of 544GBs of storage!)

    I'm also selling a variety of high-end IEMs and headphones, check out my post on the Headphone sale forum or on my profile page.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2018
  2. Jephre
    Bump! Incredible value for a fully loaded DAP with WiFi!
  3. Jephre
    Bump! This is an amazing offer for a super smooth OS (equipped with WiFi) that has both balanced and SE outputs. Plays DSD files, streams Spotify/Tidal, etc.
  4. Jephre
    Bump! Only 2 days left!
  5. Jephre
    Amazing, versatile, and compact DAP for a great price. Bump!
  6. Jephre
    Bump! Great deal!
  7. ckdv77
    Hi there. What condition is it in? Could you post any photos? How long have you had it for? Does it come with the original box?

  8. NotJackieChan
    Is this still available?

  9. Jephre
    Hi there,

    Pictures here: https://imgur.com/a/z9aSJY4

    Comes with original box, instruction manual, charging cable, an Onkyo leatherette case I purchased separately (brand new, no box).

    I am the second owner, the previous owner dinged the outside of the player on the edge (see photo), but that's only cosmetic damage. The player functions perfectly well, and is one of the few high quality DAPs at this price point to have access to all streaming music services.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2018
  10. Jephre
    SOLD! Mods please archive this thread.

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