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[Price Drop]Matched Vacuum Tube Pairs 6922 E88CC 6dj8 ecc88 7308 E188CC 7DJ8 PCC88 O-Getters D-Getters Some Pinched Waists tubes for Lyr2 Mjolnir 2 Siemens Telefunken Philips and more

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  1. kolkoo
    For Sale
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    Outdated and not relevant as I've taken a break from selling my tubes as it takes too much time! At some point I will try to continue. If you are looking for some specific tubes feel free to ask though.

    Hi guys,

    I plan to update this classified overtime. I have a ton of 6922 tubes (and perhaps some 2C51) for sale (due to having too many and venturing into a new type of tubes atm).

    All tubes ship from Sofia, Bulgaria (where I live). Shipping should be to anywhere but please ask first. I've mostly shipped to Europe, USA, Canada and Australia so far. So I don't know if there would be any issues shipping outside of these countries.

    Current tube stock list is going to be kept in this spreadsheet which I will update as I add / sell more tubes:


    In there you have all the info I could think of including prices, shipping, payment, measurements, etc.

    If you are new to Vacuum Tubes it helps reading the descriptions how different tube types sound written by Brent Jessee here http://www.audiotubes.com/6dj8.htm . I believe I agree with most of them.

    I've currently started off with some rare tube types and here's my personal opinion in my audio chain about them:

    1) PCC88/7DJ8 D-Getter with Pinched Waist made in Heerlen, Holland - A nice sweet tube slightly sonicly veiled (all Heerlen PCC88s are) with better bass than their E88CC PW siblings and much cheaper as well. If you have nice HPs that are a little edgy these will be great for you! Most of these were made only in 1957 and early 1958!

    2) PCC88/7DJ8 D-Getter made in Heerlen, Holland - most of these were made mid 1958 and later. They are about the same as their previous older Pinched Waisted brethren perhaps you just get a little less of everything.

    3) E88CC Telefunken Fat O-Getters Silver Rods - Early 60s made in Ulm Germany. Telefunken tubes are very famous, however most people don't know that there can be a huuuge difference in sonics between the early Teles and the later ones. Telefunken tubes had several revisions:
    • Earliest type 1956 Gold pins, Gold rods, Gold wires from pins to plate. (Also know as Triple gold). Fat O getter. These are unobtanium. Can't say anything about them - never had them.
    • Later type 1957-1959 - Gold pins, Gold rods, Fat O Getter. I've had two pairs of these one of which I've sold (and I regret that). These are insanely amazing tubes better or on par with the best I've ever had. They have the general house Telefunken sound with airy highs (can be even harsh on my HD800 but somehow I like that it's not too much!) great low end slam and extension, and slightly warmer mids (super slightly but really nice imo).
    • Later type early 1960s - Fat O-Getter, Silver rods. These are the ones you see for sale here (if they have not sold already!). They are just a lesser version of the previous ones, slightly more analytical with less low end and mids.
    • Early to mid 60s type - Thin O-Getter inclined getter post, even thinner than the previous ones. Still wonderful tubes though.
    • 1968 onwards - Thin O- Getter with straight ribbed getter post - most analytical, high not as airy.
    4) Heerlen E88CC (CCa prints) - these are your standard warm made in Heerlen, Holland, Philips tubes, starting with 1960 until the 1980s (or more?) . When I say they are warm - they are not super warm, they still have a decent soundstage with airy highs, but certainly you can feel the warmth in the mids. Oh and btw I don't hear any different depending on print color. The white print pair is discounted because it has lower emission but the Gm value + Mu / RP matching is spot on !

    5) The Siemens A-Frames from 70s - if you are looking for an entry level 6922 tube pair this is it. Very transparent perhaps even harsh on occasion, bass is nice and punchy.

    6) E88CC Mullard Mitcham from mid-60s - warm and wonderful tubes from the British Mitcham factory. If you want to tame an already harsh chain these are for you. Personally I really enjoy the Mullard Mitcham tubes (especially the earlier ones).
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2019
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  2. kolkoo
  3. Guidostrunk
    Folks. If you need tubes. Look no further than this thread! I've known Kolkoo for some time on the Lyr thread. You won't find a more honest deal ANYWHERE!
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  4. kolkoo
  5. Dassrull

    I just bought a Lyr 1 and now I'm looking to try out some tubes.
    I think there are some GE tubes in it now, have not taken them out yet.
    What do you recommend?
    I feel like I'm at least missing separation and depth. Also there is a lot of noise.
  6. Guidostrunk
    Send him a pm with your budget. :wink:
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  7. Dassrull
    Could you please help me identifying the tubes that was in the Lyr 1 I bought yesterday.
    20181110_221214.jpg 20181110_221152.jpg 20181110_221120.jpg
  8. kolkoo
    6N1P Voskhod Rockets 1976
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  9. kolkoo
    bumpety bump
  10. kolkoo
    bumperoo -30$ price drop an all tubes listed here for Christmas until end of January 2019. Use code CHRISTMAS2018 in a PM to get this discount. Shipping will be in Mid January however to not risk Christmas madness lost postage!
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
  11. kolkoo
    bimp bump
  12. DJLEC
    PM sent for the Valvo Tubes.
  13. DJLEC
    Bump for a Great Seller.
  14. OldSkool
    GLWS! If you need great tubes, Kolkoo is the man!
  15. AuditoryCanvas
    Bump for an honest and trustworthy seller.

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