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Price Drop Grado RS1, Mapletree Ear Purist HD150, ALO Lineout to RCA, Various Tubes

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by 883dave, Oct 11, 2012.
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  1. 883dave
    For Sale
    Grado RS1, extension cable, reducing cable, pizza box. A few scuffs on the wood cups, foam in good shape. Sound great, appearance 7/10
    Mapletree Ear Purist HD150, 150th aniversary edition serial 0204150-2, a few scuffs and a bit of paint flaking. Sounds great, appearance 6-7/10
    ALO custom silver ipod dock to RCA, this is for ipod classic video generation 5.5 and prior
    Tubes included with amp when purchased.. JJ ECC99, Russian 6N6P, Tung-Sol 12AX7, Sovtek 5751
    Extra tubes..1980's Mazda 12AX7, 1970's Tesla E88CC, 1950's Sylvania (branded RCA) 5751 (square D getter)
    This unit was used sparingly during it's life, and has been sitting on a shelf for the last several years. I am the original owner.
    Looking to sell as a package for $900.00 us OBO. Will ship to CONUS and Canada. Add paypal fees and $35.00 for shipping.
    I have sold a few items on HeadFi, before the new Classified system, please check ebay and Audiogon under 883dave for feedback
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