Price Drop. FS: ECP Torpedo III with many tubes

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    ECP Torpedo III

    Recently bought this amp from a head-fier. Its a great amp, but I think I might use the funds for a portable setup. The amp was checked and serviced by the builder before it made its way to me. Everything is in pristine condition.

    It is a maxed out version with all the upgrades.

    Comes With:

    GE five star 6072 (best) (3 pairs)

    RCA 6072 (1 Pair)

    NOS JAN 12ay7 (1pair)

    EH 12AY7 (1 pair) (the stock pair)

    TAD 12AY7 (1 pair)

    Psvane 12AT7 (1 pair)

    Schiit Pyst interconnects.

    Small Allen tool for tube rolling.

    The tubes are not cheap. The GE five stars are especially not cheap. You can do a quick google search to see the rates.

    Looking for $900 shipped. Gift or Paypal fees are on buyer.

    Local deals around NJ/NYC are preferred, before shipping within ConUS.

    20180214_204925.jpg 20180214_204653.jpg 20180214_204709.jpg
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