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[PRICE DROP] Budget IEMs - Thinksound ms01 mk2, AAW Nebula One

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by Svstem, Sep 19, 2018.
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  1. Svstem
    For Sale
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    • North America
    If you want the Thinksound and AAW, $29 takes both!

    ~~1. Etymotic MC5 - $34 shipped~~ SOLD

    An inexpensive introduction to the hyper-detailed, neutral sound and best-in-class isolation of Etymotic. The MC5 was discontinued a few years ago to be replaced by the MK5.


    MC5 has a metal body (unlike MK5), has a bit less treble and has lower distortion.

    Etymotic MC3 (MC5 with microphone) vs MK5 FR and THD:
    MC3 vs MK5.png

    It's thicker than an ER4 but I have fairly small ears and have no problem with deep insertion (like on my ER4). It truly provides incredible isolation and sounds very clean with the Accuchamber damping scheme! Case, manual, tips (will be cleaned) and filters + filter replacement tool included. IEMs in great condition.

    2. Thinksound ms01 mk2 - $22 shipped

    A v-shaped wooden IEM that has lots of upper midrange and treble attack! Very punchy and dynamic, and highly resolving. Tuning like this is really rare in the price range! Don't let the appearance fool you, they're very comfy and light. :)


    Great condition! Includes box, tips (some extra), manual and pouch.

    3. AAW Nebula One - $22 shipped

    Highly textured, warm and smooth IEM with titanium diaphragms. A treat for bass lovers!

    IMG_20180919_011203.jpg IMG_20180919_011238.jpg

    Great condition, includes case and tips! They're very nice.

    Thank you for checking out my listing!
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  2. raddar4
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