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[Price Drop #2]FS: AKG K272HD

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by mishalex, Apr 29, 2012.
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  1. Mishalex
    For Sale
    For sale are my AKG K272HD headphones in excellent condition, in their original box, with all manuals and warranty cards, and with no damage to the headphones.  They have been used for about seven months, and are actually the most comfortable pair of headphones I have ever owned, and also provide a significant amount of isolation.  The reason I am selling them is due to my recent purchase of AKGs K550 model, which is a little less comfortable and less isolating, but has a richer bass sound.
    The asking price of $120 includes the shipping and handling.  Paypal preferred.  Payment must be received within two weeks of the shipping date.  I always like to allow for returns (it only seems fair to me), so you can have up to 14 days from the arrival date of the headphones to see if you like them.
    Please PM me or e-mail me at misha.predmore@gmail.com is you are interested.
    I include pictures of the headphones above (click to view fullsize):
  2. Mishalex
    (Sale Pending)
  3. Mishalex
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