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PRESS RELEASE: Westone announces Adventure Series Alpha earphones

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by joe, Jun 5, 2013.
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  1. joe Administrator
    Colorado Springs, CO, and Manhattan Beach, CA, June 04, 2013 – Westone, the leader in high performance audio and in-ear monitoring technology, announces the availability of the Adventure Series (ADV) Alpha earphones. The Adventure Series Alpha is the culmination of Westone's two decades of experience with audio and in-ear musicians' monitors. Designed for the active user, Adventure Series creates a new category of cross-over earphones that deliver exceptional audio performance, fit and design for use in all environments.
    With IPX-3* water resistance, the Adventure Series earphones are protected against spraying water and adverse conditions for everyday use, rain or shine. Westone's first-ever Adventure Warning and Control System (AWACS Reflective Cable) allows for improved visibility in low-light conditions with a reflective, replaceable cable along with the MFi (Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod) system with three-button volume control and inline microphone. The earphone is constructed from a magnesium uni-body, which allows for durability and unmatched design performance.
    Keeping sound quality a priority, Westone integrated their rich heritage of signature driver technologies into the Adventure Series Alpha. A proprietary extended range 6.5mm micro driver with PST™ (Precision Surface Tuning), 20Hz -18kHz frequency response, and impedance of 21 ohms, delivers sonic accuracy with extended bass.
    Westone Adventure Series Alpha also features:
    1. Active Fit System - Up & Over™ cable routing and patented STAR™ Tips ensure superior fit, comfort, and retention for even the toughest adventure.
    2. Magnesium Uni-body Construction – A Low-profile lightweight magnesium uni-body and aluminum faceplate for strength, durability and style.
    3. The MFI control allows the listener to rewind, fast-forward, skip songs, play/pause, activate Siri interface and answer/hang-up calls without interruption of the their activity.
    "You can see our customer focus in our Adventure Series. Our fans have been asking for Westone products that they can wear during every activity, whether it is travel, workout or play. The ADVs are our first cross-over MFi earphones and the embodiment of ruggedness with exceptional sound," said John F. Lowrey, Vice President, Audio Group at Westone. "The Adventure Series is a new standalone product line from Westone that will attract listeners who want performance as well as comfort, durability, weather-resistance and the dynamic Westone sound signature."
    Included with Adventure Series Alpha are Westone's patented STAR™ silicone tips, True-Fit™ foam tips, wax removal tool, and special weather resistant rigid travel case.
    Adventure Series Alpha is available with a MSRP of $199.99 through authorized dealers and e-retailers.
    *Source: IPX-3 Liquid Ingress Protection Rating
  2. AmberOzL
    Nice price, if they sound good too, they can be killers.
  3. bigmiketn
    Is this a dynamic? Never seen a company list driver size for a ba before. Never mind the description of extended bass.
  4. FieldingMellish
    These might get me to exercise or climb mountains or something.
    bertha likes this.
  5. anthonycarbajal
    I don't feel like I'm browsing on Head-Fi. Only $200 for brand new in-ears? Madness!
  6. mrinspire
    Shure se215,meet your rival now!
    Crystal-Earwax likes this.
  7. YoengJyh
    It is a dynamic driver.
  8. gikigill
    Pfftt, no true headfier would be seen dead in a gym in anything less than a set of $1000 CIEM :p
  9. Niyologist
    If it's anything like the Yamaha EPH-100 w/ a nice sprinkle of the HiFiman RE272, I'd see it more like outmatched x3.
  10. Niyologist
    Yup. I finally found IEMs that are suitable for exercising, without sacrificing excellent sound quality.
  11. kraywang
    pretty cool features [​IMG]     
  12. kraywang
    6.5mm micro dynamic driver
  13. a_recording
    Welp, you had me at magnesium.
  14. AmberOzL
    I wouldn't risk it honestly, humidity can kill them easily [​IMG] For gym, my limit is around 300-400 € ciem with 2 BA are enough usually.
  15. Bina
    Take it more realistic, main goal of these iems is to be suitable for "extreme" environment. So I think most money in R&D went to new housing and cable, I would be surprised, if their sound quality would be on same level as 100$ Hfiiman Re-400.
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