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PRESS RELEASE: Bang & Olufsen announces BeoPlay H3 and H6 headphones

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Network & Industry News' started by joe, Apr 10, 2013.
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  1. miumius
    I think your English was fine :). And I was in a very similar situation to you with closed portables. Except I returned my Momentums because I thought they sounded too closed and boomy, and the cups were too small making them on-ears. The P7's were my first choice but I actually found the headband and the cups to be quite uncomfortable, even if they were really nice. The H6's on the other hand also use leather but it was much softer and memory-foamed. And while both look nice, the H6's look better on the head for me; the P7's are quite bulky. And finally I'm kind of in love with the natural sound... it works for everything. Btw which color did you get? I'm debating with myself which color looks better.
  2. venomlv
    I have a set of B&O H6 and also have BEATS executive. The comparisons I can see are:
    H6 does cost more but are lighter when wearing them
    The mids and treble sound more realistic and very pleasant
    The base is ok, but when you get older all it does is give you a headache
    Other people I asked also said the same that they prefer the H6 over the Beats.
  3. MacedonianHero Contributor
    There is nothing I prefer sonically from the Executives over the H6s. [​IMG]
  4. Pass
    I thought that this thread was about the H6 and the H3… [​IMG]
    Just bought the H3 yesterday after reading costinstn's post (and a lot of other reading!). I also tried the H6 before, the beige ones, but it was definitely a defective unit. Bass was obviously absent from an iTouch5, but all the sound was tiny, thin, just defective, as if the drivers were blown. The second pair, a black ones, has a more complete sound, almost delectable, but directly plugged in, missed the final little kick of bass anyone stated. Their soul (to cited Beagle) was not on par with mine. But, wait... could the black H6 have a different sound than the beige??
    Anyways, H3 seems to take some goods of H6 (clear mids and highs, open and vast sound) with an added touch of bass, just welcome for a real portable device. The may not be the most efficient headphones, but they are easily driven by an ITouch or MBA. They now have 2 hours of runtime! Some talked about 50, even 100 hours, damn…
    Very comfortable since they weigh nothing. Gorgeously sexy with the aluminum finish.
    Really happy with my purchase as of now, and things could only become better, if I believe other owners.
  5. The French
    But I've had that same impression with my first test of the H6...the cable wasn't completely plugged into the headphones, leading to the exact same sound you're describing.

  6. The French
    and I forgot, I went with the black color.
    I really liked the vintage look of the beige, but I was worried that beige should turn darker with time.
  7. Pass
    It was a kinda sarcastic question, but I'm glad that other also experimented this situation. I'm no longer interested into another on/over-ear, but I will definitely try to play with the cable next time I'll pass by this store.
    Merci à toi, "Le Français", pour ce petit conseil!
  8. Fush
    In a review at Headphonia, the author says about the H6 that "the cable has a mic control, making it impossible to use with all of my desktop amps at home". What does he mean by that? What problems does the mic cause? Would I need to get another cable in order to use the H6 with my FiiO E17?
  9. WilCox Contributor
    I saw that review and didn't understand that comment either.  The mic control is a standard iPhone type interface and is not in the audio signal path.  I've had no problems using an external amp.  You don't need another cable, but you can replace it since B&O has chosen to use the standard 1/8" connector at both ends.  A v-moda cable works just fine with the H6.
  10. Fush
    I've been looking into this, and it might be that (his) desktop amps do not support the 4-pin (TRRS) connector that headphone cables with a mic use. The desktop amps may need a 3-pin (TRS) connector. That would be my guess, after reading up on this.
  11. omigawsh_lollercoaster
  12. WilCox Contributor
    Not true.  Using a standard 1/8" to 1/4" TRS (Tip, Ring, Sleeve) adapter, my H6 plays fine on my desktop amps (Bryston BHA-1, Centrance DACmini, etc.).  It also plays well from portable amps with 1/8" jack (Meier Porta Corda III-USB, for example).
  13. mateored
    In case anyone cares, it plays fine through a Centrance DACport using the standard cable.  I'm listening to them right now : )
  14. rasmushorn
    I have the same problem with that cable and all my amps. Meier Quickstep, iQube and Just Audio AHa-120. If I want to use my H6 with an amplifier I need to pull the plug outwards just a little. If I release it it will move back and the sound will go through the microphone cable - which does not sound good. I just wish they had included a normal cable like (cheaper models) Sennheiser Momentum and Amperior do. 
  15. Mastad0n
    B&O always seems to put out good looking equipment.  I'd be interested to see a review on these.  [​IMG]
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