Presentation on Headphones ?
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Aug 27, 2010
I have have to do a presentation that is 4-5 minutes long. I was thinking of doing it on Headphones, do you think this would be a good idea or is it to technical to do? 
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Depends. What class are you presenting to?
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I think if you really knew what you were talking about (I assume you do, because you're here) you could pull off a really nice presentation explaining even simple things like impedance, or headphone drivers, even sound waves would be interesting I think.
A lot of headphone related topics could also warrant visual elements which teachers usually tend to like, and make you look smart :D
EDIT: I meant that to be more like of you doing an in-depth explanation of your topic, because your audiance/teacher probablllyy doesn't know as much as you. Even if he did, he'd appreciate a good presentation. 
Also an excuse to show off your gear lol.
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I think that this could be a really interesting presentation.  One recommendation though, don't spend your time bashing other equipment.  If you want to mention that there are better options than Skull Candy, Bose, etc., thats ok, but don't obsess over it or it'll turn people away.
I think i may just do that. But no props are allowed as it is supposed to be based on language :frowning2: but we are allowed visuals :D

Solution:  take pictures of gear, show pictures! 


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