Prelude to a Jam. Norcal 5/27-5/29
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The pre-party has landed. I'm sitting in San Francisco at the Toronado beer bar now with Voltron, Agile_one, and Cetoole. We just left a Giants game where your master organizer JP11801 was in attendance. We've got a couple days runup until CJ09 goes live but we'll make the best of it.
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JP11801, NightWoundsTime, Voltron, Cetoole, and meself had a few brews then attended last night's Giants vs Braves game at AT & T - amazing evening that started here:


JPnums, Voltron, and Cetoole pounding

Wonderful stuff

Picked up Trice after the game, and pounded a few more, now back at Mayberry for a few hours rest.

More tomorrow ...
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Yay! Cheers guys, and have a nice time...
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Originally Posted by blessingx /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I'm afraid to ask what a man-stain is. See you guys tonight.

He claimed it was just hummus, but nobody believes him from its appearance.

After a fullsome 4 hours of sleep from 1:30am to 5:30am, I had to join a conference call for work, and it is still going. Gene has been clawing away at his laptop and Stephen came down a little while ago to join him for some coffee shandies:


Ah, the breakfast of champions:


More MOAR to come.
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That has to be Thrice's phone. I just got to the hotel and had some lunch. Time for a nap. Hope to bump into some folks later. I think guzziguy and his wife should be around, and grawk is arriving at some point.
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ill be there at Noon guys, landing at 1208pm US Airways Flight 1408

Meeting Tyrion at like 520am tomorrow morning =( OUCH!!!!!

Ill take a ambien and sleep the whole way hehe
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Thursday from the VanJam crew ...

Al on a perfect Mayberry morning

Top 'o the morning to ya from thrice

Damn! this iron really sucks, Al

hmmmm ... PhotoBucket just crapped the bed, so will finish later. Gotta finish loading the van for the run south.
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load in is almost complete, so here are more from yesterday ...

After chilling most of the day away in Mayberry, including a wonderful Thai lunch, we head to the city for van pickup and the night's entertainment.

First a stop at Al's. This is May wrapping cetoole around her paws

On to serious business - which scotch?

Why not all of them?


Joined by blessingsx, it's on to Toronodo for beers and sausage before the show

will this do?

yes, sir, may I have another?

Then to the Fillmore, to join up with Grahame, his wife, Joanne, and Al's better, Clare.



Opening act, the Sadies from Canada were terrific

Jenny Lewis was on last night = put on a great shoe, and the crowd was with her all the way




Then, a slice at Mythic pizza to close out the night


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