PPAS Clipping with UM1?
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Headphoneus Supremus
Sep 3, 2006
I bought a PPAS from a head-fier, and when I use it with my Westone UM1 IEMs I seem to be getting clipping or some sort of distortion. I'm not sure if it is something wrong with the amp, or if it is simply a poor match with the UM1s. I don't know the gain on the amp, but it must be pretty high as I can barely use anything over about 9:00 on the pot. I tried adding an external Shure volume control, and although that gives me more pot travel, it sounds about the same.

I also recently acquired a Shellbrook Mini Head Signature, and with the same UM1s it sounds MUCH better than the PPAS (except for some hiss). I also have adequate pot travel without needing the Shure volume control.

Unfortunately, I don't have any better 'phones to try with the PPAS. The PPAS has a very good reputation, and the seller has said he tested it thoroughly, but he is very willing to take it back if I'm not happy. I hate to give-up on it, especially if it is simply a case of a poor match to my IEMs. I guess I could take it with me to an audio shop and test it with different 'phones.

This LONG diatribe really comes down to this question: Can a poor match between amp & 'phones cause clipping/distortion?


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