powering the Beyer 880/600 ohms
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Headphoneus Supremus
Feb 23, 2006
Interested in getting the 600 ohm Beyer 880s. Anyone try these with a Portaphile or Tomahawk?? I know the TH may not do it, but think the Portaphile might have more "guts"

Impressions please.
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they are not hard to drive phones, but the tomahawk is made for iems. it may make volume okay for the 600 phones, but will not bring out the bass or great layering of these phones.

probably no amp will distort whilst using these which is nice, they really don't need much to get them going sounding nice but - for the best sound, get a proper amp. portaphile has a little more power but... still. a home amp will do best.

the volume diff between them and my 250 ohm dt880 is marginal as is the volume difference with my dt770 at 80ohm but... the dt700 have the stiffest requirements. they have a much narrower channel that needs more voltage to move the coils.

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