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Powered USB cable lengths?

  1. music_man
    Sorry, I should know this as an Electronic Engineer. I trust you Guy's for second opinion as always.

    If you are powering a USB cable. Say with like a REGEN /W LPS. Can I go into it with 1 Meter and out with 5 Meters? Yes, that is beyond USB spec but it is being powered. For instance those 100' powered USB cables come to mind. Not even as much power.

    Furthermore I see no point in anything other than Belkin Gold now that Kitten has destroyed $6,000 cable. I think it is fine for now and cut my losses. It was TAS' reference for years until the very one I just had eaten. I gather I am correct that Belkin Gold shall suffice? I mean we are talking expensive gear here. Like MSB Select. However I am not willing to lose 6 Grand daily.

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