Power upgrade for headphone listening, is it critical ???
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Aug 14, 2004
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Aug 14, 2004
I have just finished upgrading my source. Well, due to my budget I have been building my source for almost three years. But I am happy now with Linn Ikemi as my CD transport, connected with Supernova III Toslink or Black Rhodium Rhytm to Bel Canto DAC2 and amped it with Earmax Pro (with Sylvania tube for the output and stock tubes for the inputs) through Virtual Dynamics Cryoed Reference.

Perhaps you may think that combining the Ikemi with Bel Canto DAC2 is little bit excessive. Well, I just want to max out the system at this time trying to get the best performance. Furthermore, I found that the Black Rhodium BNC to RCA digital cable performs very well and I cannot detect any audible difference with Supernova.

I am thinking to upgrade further with options :
1) Upgrade my power supply with power conditioner and good power cables; or
2) Upgrade my headphone amp; or
3) Upgrade my Earmax Pro's stock tubes.

In weighing my various options, I consider my location, which is in Indonesia. It is difficult for me to audition or order headphone amps from US or Europe. The nearest place to go is ordering from Singapore.

Right now, I think the best route is to upgrade my power units with some additional money to upgrade the tubes. I am thinking to buy the Hydra 2 and Power Chord cable. However, I am little bit concern whether upgrading the power units is worthed for headphone listening. I would like to know other members experience about this. From many posts I know that the best upgrade path is source first (which I am done) and then headphone, headphone amp and cables. So how is the power upgrade?

My headphones are CD3K, RS1 and HD650 with stock cable. And for sure I will upgrade to higher end headphone amp in the longer time after I am satisfied with my Earmax Pro.

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