potential giant slayer amp from av123.com
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...and I just decided to stop reviewing.
AV123 is in my backyard!
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here's a link to an independant review testing 30 or so subwoofers, scroll down to post#8 for the updated list

Official Craigsub rankings thread - AVS Forum

av123's latest offering beats out a $5000 Velodyne, $3000 deftech and $2600 JLaudio while drawing against the $3500 JL Audio, every sub rated higher than the av123 sub costs at least double

just one (there are many more)example of their quality confirmed by an independant source

that sub can be had for as little as $450 with their promotions, so it's also an example of how they can sell for less than the competition
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I'm also a member of their forum and have kept up with the news on this product. The images posted are no longer accurate, as they were very old concepts done back in 2006. Mark has mentioned the current design will be a rectangular enclosure made of extruded aluminum.

The problem with this and the other x electronics products is, while they promise to be groundbreaking, they've been delayed so many times and gone through so many design restarts that people have lost interest somewhat. I waited for more than a year for X-Head and finally decided to give Dusty at Channel Islands my business because I really needed a decent headphone amp. I'm still waiting for their integrated stereo amp though, the x-empower.

They're a fantastic company, and while stricken with delays due to growing pains their company is going though, they really deliver when the product is finally out. It's definitely not vaporware.
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Originally Posted by warpdriver /img/forum/go_quote.gif
The whole idea of preordering a product unseen turns me off big time...

AV123 has stopped taking pre-orders on products now. Things where getting ugly on that front because of the delays so they rightly pulled the plug on it. Of course they never actually charge anybody until the item ships so it's not like it's a big risk to pre-order something like this.
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yes, but it's finally been announced as complete and shipping in May

and yes, they are known for delays

I suspect part of this is due to the fact they employ only a few, yet well known engineers to design their products, engineers who also have other things on the go

basically huge production capability coupled with low R&D costs, the trade off can be long delays I suppose which in turn can be very dissapointing
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Originally Posted by canadaguy /img/forum/go_quote.gif

av123 has a very long history in the audiophile community and almost all their products compete with components typically selling for much higher prices

they do this by producing/selling high volume ID from their factories in China and Columbia with designs originating in the US

this is not a new company and you can find plenty about them on the net, including pro reviews from reputable publications

they also employ some top engineers, their latest subwoofer design for example (MFW 15) was created by Mark Seaton(legend in the bass community and apprentice of near demi God Tom Danley), retails for $599 and competes with $3000 + subs

I'm obviously a fan of their products and won't pretend otherwise

their website boards are no more/less biased than any other company, I would suggest those looking for some impartial info check out AVSforums and/or some of the pro reviews

as far as price, again, think volume the likes of which most headphone companies never see

That's great to know. I'll bookmark their page and keep an eye on this product. I didn't mean to say they were less than reputable, just that I was personally skeptical, because I didn't know them.

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Looks prettier than the prototype renderings. I think I'll buy one
. And I am now also considering a cheaper speaker set from their page.
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Originally Posted by canadaguy /img/forum/go_quote.gif
wow 100 views and no responses?

Lack of response could be because people can't easily find out what it is.

Or, it may be that a lot of interest here and now is focused on areas this amp doesn't compete:

- digital inputs, especially USB, and a good DAC
- portability

Or, maybe the first 100 people just vomited on the keyboard at the "giant slayer" title and had to spend some time cleaning the chunks out from between the keys.


Originally Posted by canadaguy /img/forum/go_quote.gif

here's a link to an independant review testing 30 or so subwoofers

As you probably know, the organizer of that has some ties to AV123 currently, so you might want to be careful using that as your example.
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Originally Posted by buzzy /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Or, maybe the first 100 people just vomited on the keyboard at the "giant slayer" title and had to spend some time cleaning the chunks out from between the keys.

LOL @ that.
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Is this going to be another Loch Ness Sighting? This Amp has my gears turning.

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