Discussion in 'ALO Audio Premier Sponsor Forum' started by kb, Aug 8, 2007.
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  1. Enthralled
    it's been a while since i posted an image in a forum. n/m has its own.  [​IMG]

    skin by Gelaskin, wristbands from J!NX
    /waves @Ken
  2. Nukeshock
    this is my rig sony walkman nwz-s754 with a stock interconnect and a govibe martini to my triplefi 10 with crystal cable upgrade ^^ DSC01974.jpg
    sry for the slightly blur image my camera doesnt like to focus to much
  3. aLm0sT
    Old pic:
  4. Nukeshock
    is it a bit inconveient to use it with your iphone what if you have to ans call , and you can even fit it into your pocket anymore, lol how do you manage ?
  5. Buyer no 1
    The simple edition [​IMG]
  6. aLm0sT

    I usually pair it with an iPod classic. I only use this setup at home to stream music from my Macbook to my iPhone.
    It's not intended to fit into a pocket or be an "everyday portable setup" to carry around all the time. I have an extra bag for it and only carry it when I travel around. (usually with a backpack)
    For portable I have a Headstage Arrow to pair with my iPhone.
  7. calipilot227


    I'm liking the UM3X [​IMG]
  8. HelloHell
    WhipMod (iPod 5.5Gen U2 Edition) / SONY D50 --> Whiplash Reference LOD --> Ray Samuels SR-71B --> Denon A100 / Denon D2000 Markl Mod / Edition 8 Limited Edition (Not in this picture)
  9. Nukeshock
    whooo just modded my ms1 new to my transportable set up sony nwz..forgot the rest lol with alessandro ms1000 mod DSC02015.jpg DSC02016.jpg DSC02017.jpg
  10. Nukeshock
    lol it took my 2 hours to complete the mod but i keep on hearing this cackiling noise like the speaker breaking up when it goes on the highs on high 3/4 volume on my amp is there something srong with my driver ?
  11. Enthralled


    Thanks! I'm getting the case of "upgrade-itis", I've had my pair for over 2+ yrs now, perhaps the end of this year. Haven't decided what i should get next . . . yet.
  12. Coolzo
    Wrong thread...
  13. Nukeshock
    bring this thread back to life !!!!
    i just got my Shure SRH-1840 
    was waiting for a good upgrade to take the photo.  IMG_20130215_001005.jpg
    sorry about the quality had to take with the front facing camera of my nexus 7 
  14. sp3llv3xit
    Transportable rig at rest...

    Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 >> Denko Cable >> ALO Rx MK3 >> Kimber LOD >> Sony Walkman F806

    Sometimes, I swap the full-sized 770s with the Sennheiser IE80 (soon to be recabled!). DSC_1254.jpg
  15. Wyd4
    Some horrid shots form my mobile phone stealth taken at work.
    I have organised a new gold/silver interconnect however I am waiting for the funds to re-coup a little before placing my order.
    Once thats done, start saving for an alphadog upgrade.
    I use this setup on the train, when I am walking from the train to work I just use the AK100 with the maddogs.  It actually sounds quite nice, but as expected lacks a little balls.
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