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It's nothing really. Morning light, Nikon 50mm 1.4 open, and on a balcony that is white, so a bunch of sunlight bounced.

That's it, took less than 5 minutes to set up. THX.
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Near Noli, a neighboring village of Varigotti, the ruins of the ancient church Santa Margherita at first light:

The church is situated high above sea level, and from the nearby Grotta dei Falsari (Cave of Counterfeiters) the view of the sea is spectacular:

One day in the near future I'm going to accompany you on these Italian excursions.
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One day in the near future I'm going to accompany you on these Italian excursions.

Great, I foresee a successful blend of photography styles! I'll show you the scenic places and you'll bring the models along.
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Just developed these shots. Bought the film from an old antique shop with a camera, expired and unknown storage conditions. All the photos turned out to have this kind of sepia and excessively grainy look for a 200 ISO film. 



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Guys, since I shoot primarily portraits, I thought it might be a good idea to write an article or blog post about portraiture!

Drop me a line here if there is anything you are particularly interested in!
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Hazel, our puppy girl enjoying a beautiful Fall day in our backyard.  Hazel was a rescue dog we adopted 4.5 years ago.  She's a sweetheart.  Picture taken last week.
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Has she settled in ok? she looks adorable:wink_face:

Off topic:

Ha, thanks for asking. Yes, she has a personality and at only 11.5 months is still really a puppy, though giant. She jumps up and puts her paws on my shoulders I'm 5.11.
But she has a good life, I found out this kind of dog needs 1 full hour walks a day or they go bananas. I still need to do more training with her. I let her off her leash in a field and she bolted to the side houses looking for cats. I guess with out training this breed loves to escape their owners?

She has already stolen a 1/2 of a chicken, so I don't put anything past her at this point. We are now used to the wolf howls which I figure would be the hardest to get used to for a new Huskey owner. She howles night and day, but also when she wants me to give her attention. Lots of fun. She even bites me when I give her baths, though a puppy bite really somehow telling me something she doesn't like, which I haven't figured out yet?
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Getting back into gig photography, got a photo pass to one of my favourite bands Fort Hope yesterday, was awesome, Nikon D600 with an AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8

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I started a new job harvesting olives on Monday. It's only short-term and really hard work but the location helps a lot. This was taken this evening as we packed up for the day..
Coucher de Soleil sur les Alpilles..


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