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Seeing all of the 35mm film shots here has me interested in trying out film myself. I picked up a Pentax ME Super with tons of accessories at a rummage sale. It has its share of problems, so I ordered a body in great condition on ebay. Can't wait to get it and try it out!

Any recommendations on film? I'd like to shoot Black and white and color. Something beginner-friendly would be best.

I also have an ME Super, nice small SLR with an incredibly bright finder. (I love Pentax, also have the ZX/MZ-5n, an MV an ME and a K20D DSLR). For me Pentax cameras are wonderfully intuitive to use and I love the compact form factor on their old SLR's.

I you start to do film you have to start home developing as well, at least your b&w non C-41 films! (Just my opinion, because it's so much fun and much easier than people realize!)

For starters I'd go with 400 iso films, they give the best balance in exposure latitude and grain for someone who's not used to film.

@onform: Those look great!

Digital for a change:

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Another Lumiere Autochrome style post processed shot.



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From the storm that just passed through central Illinois...


Behold, he scatters his lightning about him
and covers the roots of the sea.
He covers his hands with the lightning
and commands it to strike the mark.
Its crashing declares his presence;
the cattle also declare that he rises.

Job 36:30,32-33
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Anarchist street art. Shot on expired c41 color film. Post processed as b&w.
text on the door reads:


"Cultural relics are irretrievable, please be careful when viewing them."

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Tri-x 400 that expired 27 years ago. I think I was a bit optimistic exposing this at 1600 ISO

The grain is beautiful though.




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Good Stuff Everyone.

I don't believe I've posted these;



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A question has just occurred to me. In this thread at least there seems to be a great resurgence in film, developing techniques, etc.

Is it because the medium offers more opportunity for artistic expression, or is it the geeky aspect of the vintage gear, having a dark room, the chemicals, etc? Or may be just another avenue to explore for already accomplished photographers?

A total amateur like me just thinks of all the bother, but I do realise that having no way to instantly see your shot would make for more careful (and hence better) picture taking!

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