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You probably already know this, but Delta 3200 is actually rated at 1000, but is designed to be pushed.

Doh. I forgot!!! I seldom use Delta 3200 ( i think i've only shot one roll of it IIRC), but i rated it at 3200 and developed it in T-max dev and it came out alright.

IIRC, Neopan 1600 is more accurately rated?
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a couple of my first attempts at shooting lightning


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I believe that is a Yellow-Shafted Flicker.

Thanks. I saw another one with more red on its throat area but the IS got turned off by accident on my camera so those photos were NFG. I need a longer zoom lens too if I want to do bird photos properly.
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wow. That's some pretty awesome stuff you've got there, patates. Crazy colours on the second one, and I love the last one. Maybe it's the depth, I think I'm a depth-junky.

Thank you.
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Looks to me like he used HDR software for that pic. HDR = high dynamic range. You take multiple exposures and then use HDR software to superimpose them on top of each other and makes some fine tuning adjustments and what comes out is a photograph showing a lot more detail and dynamic contrast rangwe than any single photo si able to give you. I have the software to do it but haven't used it much yet. Here's another example of what you can do with HDR software. This is not my pic.

Yes, I used a HDR technique for a number of my Nash Point pictures.


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Where was this takes? I see you're in the UK but the photo looks like Craters of the Moon National Park In Idaho, USA.

It was taken at Nash Point near Llantwit Major in South Wales.

Here are a couple more if anyone's interested and there's some great work in this thread everyone.




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That's cracking, has a great mood due to the colour IMO.
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Yes, I used a HDR technique for a number of my Nash Point pictures.

Which HDR software do you use? I use this one.

Dynamic Photo HDR, high dynamic range imaging software with Anti-Ghosting

How many exposures do you take for each photo? I only use 3 because that is the most my camera has auto bracketing for. I was using -1/0/+1 but finding that has too much range so have set it to 1/2 stop per frame but haven't tested it out yet.
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Just shot a wedding as the 3rd/4th (OY! too many photographers, hehe, but it was by request) and I'm darned tired.

Mainly hung around in the back during the ceremony, and really came into play during the reception.
I really want a 70-200 now...

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