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me rocking my tele custom II with dual p90s.

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that's most of it, there are a few others, but really i'm tryin to get rid of most of my guitars. i wanna reduce my collection to three or four. i remember when i loved havin ten guitars at a time, but lately i feel like they're burdens.

anyway, nice guitars guys, and really i dig the seagulls. they make great acoustics, and it's so hard to find good guitars lately. it all just seems like garbage.

jahn, if you ever sell that pauly for more headcase gear i'll personally drive the van with the men in white coats to take you to a nice padded cell, unless it's to me, of course, for the price you paid. don't even bother lookin for a costomer, just pm me. that thing is ten times better than the crap gibson puts its logo on now. i'll give you a gorgeous boutique explorer for your kid: gold hardware, deep rich dark glossy mahogany finish, no pick guard, and a duncan custom in the bridge (my fav pickup). she's seen her share of gigs too, you can tell from the repaired neck.
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Originally Posted by GuffMorgan
I've actually got an ebony (not ebony stain, apparently Gibson made a handfull of ebony ones) Classic NOS on hold, getting it with a case for just shy of $900. My next purchase after that may end up being a Les Paul Raw Power.

Wow, that's great. I'll have to try and hunt one down here in Houston!
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Awesome Guild Solidbody! And that Vox amp pic made me bust out my horrible chops on the LP again - that amp really sounds perfect on the Bassman modeling selector doesn't it? Bypass everything and get that superclean tone with a hint of OD when you push it, just like a good tube amp should!
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oh man, the polara is WICKED! far superior to the sg, in my opinion, and if i saw a white one on the street i'd buy it instantly. i was heartbroken when i decided to get one myself and found out they had just discontinued it about five minutes before i made that decision...such a shame.

I remember playin a guild at a dealership a few years back and i smiled with delight. Some die-hard gibson follower smiled back at me and said "yeah, they're great little copies, aren't they?"...patronizing, supremist, passive aggressive $*&#*@......

that natural finish is sweet too. tell us about the amp.
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My guitar.....

I was sooooo happy when I got it, considering it was my first guitar, and was pretty much exactly what I wanted. I got it about a week before the Holidays started. (Hannukah, Christmas, etc...)


Sure, I'd prefer the Gibson SG Supreme Electric Guitar with 57 Humbuckers with the Emerald Burst, but it was my first guitar. What should I expect, especially as a gift!

i didn't take this pic, but that's exactly what it looks like, except for that gold sticker. Mine doesn't have one of those, and I don't really want one either.
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My friend had one of the SG Faded (now a Standard) and it sounded pretty nice for a low-gain overdrive but I'm all about brutal insanity so it wouldn't work for me at all, lol.

Here's a clip of my V-250 through my RG75: <- that was a quick clip I recorded just to show what it sounded like, not something serious.
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Originally Posted by Magnum22
that natural finish is sweet too. tell us about the amp.

Yes, I love that guitar. The amp is a Zinky Blue Velvet 50w. Yes, that's real velvet on there. I tend to like simple amps (i.e. no digital fx, or modeling, etc.) and this fits the bill perfectly. All tube, full pan reverb, very simple channels but with tone in spades. Mr. Zinky used to work for Fender custom shop and designed some fairly well known tube amps there before he formed his own company.

I played a lot of amps when I was shopping around including the Hot Rod series, Vox AC30's, Mesa Boogie's and some others, but something about this amp just stuck in my head. It's got something different, but I don't quite know what it is. I call it personality: one of those things you have to hear to know.

If you ever get a chance to play one, do so. They also make a 25w which is very nice. I found the 50w to have a better 'kick in the pants' though.

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