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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by kramer5150, May 27, 2005.
  1. edgarlim1999
    Looks like RS1e with Espresso cables!
  2. larry piencenaves
    hey guys, just wanna share somethin , I really want to use my grados outside my home, its really good coz its so very lightweight, sad part that its open and dust may come through the drivers so I did a solution, I took a fabric that feels like velvety felt fabric cut in circle and inserted it outside the grill, its still allows the air to go in and out so the sound quality didn't degrade, in fact it sounded less harsh, I was really surprise, I don't know what really the reason why, but it sound smoother and less bright, the little bit of the grainy sound i notice on my grado since i bought is gone. I tried listening to it several times interchanging with and without the covers and the difference is noticeable, the sound leakage is also lessened, it still leaks but at average volumes u can hardly hear it, now i wont piss off other passengers while i listen kpop and anime ost lol. the only downside is the volume, i usually run this cans on 70% with my phone, now its 80% but nonetheless its a good trade-off for what im getting in this super cheap solution.



    now this my new portable doesnt look that ugly too
  3. DavidA
    @larry piencenaves, do you have a picture of the inserts out of the headphones? Its hard to see if there is anything covering the grills (which is a good thing IMO, looks like original design) or can you describe how thick or thin the felt fabric is.
  4. larry piencenaves



    it does attracs some dust tho. but this is the only fabric i found that doesnt destroy the sound quality
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  5. DavidA
    @larry piencenaves , thanks for the pictures, really shows how thin the felt is, almost like the covering of the vent holes.
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  6. larry piencenaves

    feels like I accidentally created an external damping mod lol
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  7. Jazmanaut
    There has been similar mods before. And other open headphonemanufactures uses similar methods as well, like Hifiman.
    I just might try that myself for my next project.
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  8. Jazmanaut
    I was bored, and got stupid idea... Just little bit of cardboard and hotclue and i managed to put G and L cushions to my Sennheiser PX100II. What the hell just happened!?!??!
    These little things sound just amazing!!!
    And i think i prefer L cushions a bit more. This ones are even cheapo bulk ones, from aliexpress. Suprisingly good!
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  9. DavidA
    I tried some felt pieces I had but found that covering only a small section gave a nice boost to the mids/upper mids on my R1 to bring it up to balance with the treble and bass, going to have to take out the drivers to experiment with this.
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  10. seanc6441
    You sure that headband can support the weight of all that foam mass? LMAO
  11. DavidA
    I finally had some time to work on the 3D printed cups from @Harry Manback (thanks again for the cups) and since its been a long time since i heard a SennGrado i decided to use the 3D printed cups for putting one together again. Some pictures of the build:
    SennGrado-3D cups-3.jpg
    Dynamat in the cups, you can see the MMCX jacks before soldering together
    SennGrado-3D cups-4.jpg
    with grill and pink silk organza, i was trying for the hammered metal look but didn't turn out quite like how I intended
    SennGrado-3D cups-6.jpg
    Front and back view
    SennGrado-3D cups-1.jpg
    with PX-100ii driver installed and MMCX jacks in place
    Damn the MMCX jacks are so small and hard to work with.
    SennGrado-3D cups-7.jpg
    So how do they sound? Quite good, a nice smooth warm signature that has decent bass (a little muddy but its to be expected), nice highs that are slightly rolled off but still more sparkle than a HD650.
  12. WoodyLuvr
    Holy cow those MMCX parts are indeed microscopic! LOL
  13. azreal
    These are gorgeous. What make is the band
  14. DavidA
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  15. fleasbaby
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