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Post your 2019 favourites

Discussion in 'Music' started by moriez, Dec 31, 2019.
  1. moriez
    Whether it's a single, some 12", EP or album(s), top 3-10-25-50-100.. whatever! Just make sure it was released this year.

    -preferred: preview link or embedded media
    -optional: why do you like it
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  2. Redcarmoose
  3. taffy2207
    Well, this took over 3 hours :confounded: My top 10 are the Albums I listen to the most. 11-100 who knows? I lost the will to live at one point whilst linking and the Samaritans had to finish my post :stuck_out_tongue:As many of you are aware I put on my Slippers and kick back in my happy pants in the Living Room of the obscure.

    Bearing that in mind, here's my top 100 of 2019 (predominantly Rock & other Metal genres). :-

    1 The Lunar Effect - Calm Before The Calm

    2 Big Red Panda - Voyage

    3 ROSK - Remnants

    4 ISON Inner - Space

    5 Fleshmeadow - Daymares

    6 Mote - Samalas

    7 Lucy In Blue - In Flight

    8 YY CHROMOSOME - Teratology

    9 Blues Arcadia - Carnival Of Fools

    10 We Never Learned To Live - The Sleepwalk Transmissions

    11 - 100 (LINKS Predominantly Bandcamp (95%)) :-

    11 Hypno5e - A Distant (Dark) Source
    12 Grief Ritual - Moments of Suffering
    13 The Ivory Elephant - Stoneface
    14 Fen - The Dead Light
    15 Mgla - Age of Excuse
    16 Omnerod - Arteries
    17 The Moth Gatherer - Esoteric Oppression
    18 Dawn Ray'd - Behold Sedition Plainsong
    19 Nacho Mamba - Fuzzcinator
    20 The Lachy Doley Group - Make Or Break
    21 Abigail Williams - Way Beyond The Dark
    22 Knocked Loose - A Different Shade Of Blue
    23 ORM - Ir
    24 Déhà - Cruel Words
    25 D'un Autre Temps - Nos Mémoires
    26 Monolord - No Comfort
    27 Hippie Death Cult - 111
    28 Stew - People
    29 Birdstone - Seer
    30 Their Methlab - The Last Second
    31 Illyria - The Carpathian Summit
    32 Plateau Sigma - Symbols -The Sleeping Harmony of the World Below
    33 Latitudes - Part Island
    34 The Fifth Alliance - The Depth Of The Darkness
    35 Wiegedood - Live At Roadburn 2018
    36 Autism - Have you found peace?
    37 Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree - Grandmother
    38 Cognizance - Malignant Dominion
    39 Vale Of Pnath - Accursed
    40 Periphery - IV : Hail Stan
    41 NNRA - Incarne
    42 Papir - VI
    43 These Beasts - These Beasts
    44 Whitechapel - The Valley
    45 Ashbringer - Absolution
    46 White Ward - Love Exchange Failure
    47 God Alone - God Alone
    48 Flesh of the Stars - Mercy
    49 Spiral Guru - Void
    50 Scarecrow - Scarecrow
    51 Fink - Bloom Innocent
    52 Villagers of Ioannina City - Age of Aquarius
    53 Battle of Britain Memorial - We crave for our holy outsides
    54 Max Tovstyi and Friends - Playing The Blues
    55 While You Were Asleep - Nocturne Delirium
    56 Shawn James - The Dark & The Light
    57 Jouis - Mind Barn
    58 Misþyrming - Algleymi
    59 Crobot - Motherbrain
    60 SÂVER - They Came With Sunlight
    61 Monkey3 - Sphere
    62 Kokomo - Totem Youth
    63 VACIVUS - Annhilism
    64 MORTIFERUM - Disgorged From Psychotic Depths
    65 Stone Cold Fiction - Strange Times
    66 RUNEMAGICK - Into Desolate Realms
    67 One Eleven Heavy - Desire Path
    68 Swörn - Swörn
    69 Employed To Serve - Eternal Forward Motion
    70 LowFlyingHawks - Anxious Ghosts
    71 Netherlands - Hope Porn
    72 Dead Feathers - All is Lost
    73 Gévaudan - Iter
    74 House Anxiety - All Wrong
    75 The Drowning - The Radiant Dark
    76 Pelegrin - Al-Mahruqa
    77 The Cosmic Trip Advisors - Wrong again, Albert...
    78 The Heavy Minds - Second Mind
    79 King Solomon - King Solomon EP
    80 Vanum - Ageless Fire
    81 Monomyth - Orbis Quadrantis
    82 Eternal Storm - Come The Tide
    83 The Odious - Vesica Piscis
    84 Astronoid - Astronoid
    85 Véhémence - Par le Sang Versé
    86 Skraekoedlan - Earth
    87 TEMPLE KOLUDRA - Seven! Sirens! To A Lost Archetype
    88 Monocluster - Ocean
    89 Uneven Structure - Paragon
    90 Atomic Time - Out of the loop
    91 Kostnatění - Hrůza zvítězí
    92 Shadow Limb - Burn Scar
    93 The Devil And The Almighty Blues - TRE
    94 Batushka - Hospodi
    95 The River - Vessels Into White Tides
    96 Avandra - Descender
    97 Gates to the Morning - Return To Earth
    98 Pyramid - Mind Maze
    99 Ethereal Darkness - Smoke And Shadows
    100 Vukari - Aevum
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  4. moriez
    Amazing Taffy! People are gonna dig it.
  5. Redcarmoose

    Possessed -Revelations Of Oblivion

    Candlemass -The Door To Doom

    Cattle Decapitation -Death Atlas

    Tool -Fear Inoculum

    Mayhem -Daemon

    Deathspell Omega -The Furnaces Of Palingenesia

    Darkthrone -Old Star

    Rammstein -Rammstein

    Lacuna Coil -Black Anima

    2019 Highlights In No Special Order:

    Rings Of Saturn -Gidim
    Rings Of Saturn-Gidim is their best album to date. IMO Kind of a mature and complete cohesive accomplishment for the sound they have always been going for. Now truly the word “cohesive” is not exactly the right description though. The album has so much going on from so many directions that it’s better to maybe walk around listening to it and not focus on it. After a day of repeating it, it kind of gets memorable? Just insanely good musicianship and song writing. There has never been anything like it.

    Rammstein -Rammstein
    Of course another perfect example of 2019 being the greatest year for metal in history. A self titled masterpiece (almost) with a farther out, yet real tribute to their own sound. The future of Rammstein shows it’s simply the same basic foundation yet taken to the ultimate creative level with song writing and amazing production. It’s just totally “them” with an added dose of “them” injected. Just think if you ever saw the word “fun” on the cover sticker of a CD in a store? Well fun IS this!

    Cattle Decapitation -Death Atlas
    While not their best ever it’s a smoothed-out and highly listenable affair. The band is so good that even with Death Atlas being their third best album it’s still better than most. They are taking what they do and continuing, not different, but maybe slightly more commercial? Hard to pinpoint but Death Atlas has me bring out the prior two releases tor multiple listens just because of the curiosity it created. Death Atlas is recorded super well, has perfect pace and feel. It’s just earlier albums were maybe more 100% quality and explosive. Again the wrong word here as Death Atlas is the most explosive album in this post, it’s just not as explosive as their prior work. Still the band is so unique and special this is an absolute star of 2019!

    Lacuna Coil -Black Anima
    What their best album ever? Yes. They re-evaluated what they wanted to be in the end and remade themselves for 2019. They are the hardest and darkest, the fastest and loudest. Common what more do you want? Well they offer top sound here.....literally sound fireworks throughout!

    Mayhem -Daemon
    Continuing with bands basically being their best ever? Again another. Another album and another time Mayhem have reinvented themselves. Only this time they found their essence from days past. That essence was contemplated and discovered again. That essence was brought forth for youngsters to carry with them onto 2030. Another statement album that metal is alive and well in 2019. Surprisingly........modern and powerful underneath....getting stronger and more pure........more real-life and darker. The end result is a must listen, a sophisticated future music still holding the elements which were and are important. A stepping stone of classic music once again making 2019 a year to remember and to gaze upon in awe. :)

    Candlemass -The Door To Doom
    Not their best work but consistent with the last album. Something you hear but then remember and go back to. Nice to hear an old style get buffed-up and sparkly!

    Possessed -Revelations Of Oblivion
    Truly the unexpected here. With metal getting points for being original, how is it that a band can come back with only one original member yet channel the sound they were known for to perfection? But yes, anything is possible if you want it bad enough, but you need to truly want it.....bad! Bringing the past back and again showing the kids how it’s supposed to be done. Like every album on this page, this music is played with such effortless perfection it really stands out. The old sound carried into the future here. The guitars were some of the most interesting, unique and darn best of the year. Such well done and well thought out accomplished sounds and songs.

    Revel In Flesh- The Hour Of The Avenger
    Take an old Death-metal guitar sound from Entombed era, combine it with old song structures and normally you would get boring. Somehow the opposite happens here. Exciting and new, fun and modern. Again another example of metal for 2019 building on the past and getting stronger not weaker.
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