Post review of F5 or F9 to win a 15USD Coupon!

  1. FiiO USA
    F5: With detachable cable design, MMCX connector, Hi-Res Audio and MFi Certified, 1 3.5mm single-ended audio cable with in-line remote and 1 2.5mm balanced cable, the FiiO Aerospace titanium diaphragm in-ear monitors F5 is sold for only 64.99USD on Amazon.

    F9: With 1 Dynamic Driver & 2 Balanced Armatures, detachable cable design, Hi-Res Audio certified, over-the-ear design, Black&Red color, the FiiO Triple driver hybrid in-ear monitors F9 is sold for only 99.99USD in US.

    From now on, wherever you buy the F5/F9, you could win a AliExpress coupon which worths 15USD as long as you post review about F5/F9 on Facebook, Amazon or Head-Fi.

    1. Share your review/using experience of F5 or F9 on: Facebook, Amazon or Head-Fi.
    2. Contents: image and text review or simply text review will do(more than 60 words). All we need is your objective review, so you don't need to overstate your experience in the review.
    3. Email the review link and purchase invoice/record to
    4. Time:from the day this activity is post to our further notice

    1. Applicable to users in all regions except for China.
    2. We will email you the coupon after our review. The coupon will be applicable to purchase in our store on Aliexpress:…
    3.The coupon(15USD off when purchase up to 100USD) would be valid for a month after you receive the coupon email from us.
    4. FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. reserves all rights to interpret and amend the rules of this activity as necessary.
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  2. Arysyn
    Hmm... Isn't this sort of like asking for potentially false positive publicity by giving coupons for reviews? It sounds fine to offer coupons for purchases, but by offering coupons for reviews may just end up getting people to say things about your products that may not be true.

    Reviews ought to remain completely free of any kind of compensatory offer.
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  3. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    People already receive gear for free that have value running into the thousands of dollars and most say that in the reviews but some are vague or skip it. So they got a $2000 set of IEM for no money and might mention that to the public. Maybe not?
    Your point is a good one but the bigger picture 1,2,3 grand items given to be reviewed is a much bigger thing. If a person is swayed by $15 can you imagine $2000 and it's sway.
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  4. Suneerat
    Can't do anything because Alien give me this message:

    "Sorry, the current product is sold out."...bummer.
  5. Ynot1
    Lets not forget Fiio is a contributor to this forum and therefore we the beneficiary of the forum resources are in debt to those who make this happen.
    And I would add that according to posts in slickdeals some people actually get paid money to write reviews and posts.
    I see this situation as drawing a line in the sand. Where do you draw the line in getting people to write reviews?

    I personally think incentives when put into context with full disclosure can be implemented without hindering the motive and without inflicting bias.

    Another point besides that the F5 and F9 seem reasonably priced for the comments thus far made available in this forum, is I simply don't have the funds to do a review even if I wanted too.

    Yet another point to make is that America has become very connected in my opinion. You can say we are in a connected economy. And therefore instead of following America values to get ahead, you have to be connected to get ahead. And this eco system brings us to here today. Where people do what they are told by the people they are connected to, knowing otherwise they can not get ahead. People can be puppets that way as we know from fake reviews, fake news, professional hecklers, and anything else where people looking out for themselves could care less what happens. It shouldn't be that way

    And I just realized I may be better off listening through my head gear than talking issues.
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  6. Arysyn
    It is a bit different type of situation when a company gives a product to a reviewer for free, where the reviewer usually states that in a review, but is going to give an honest opinion, compared with luring people to purchase an item to review it and give a discount on a future item based on a review.

    The difference is that this deal is open to anyone who may not understand the nature of a proper, fair reviewing style and can post anything falsely promoting Fiio for that discount. Whereas when an audio company decides to offer a free product to a person for a review from them, that audio company can generally be trusted to have at least done some research into who they are choosing to review their product has some sort of credibility from past reviews where the reviewer has purchased items on their own first.

    For instance, I did not receive the HiFiMan RE800 for free for my first review. I'm soon going to write a review for the Meridian Explorer2 which I bought. I'm also planning on doing a few reviews for the Grado GR8 and the Grado GR10, both purchased by me.

    Then the other iem I'm going to review when I get it, the FlaresPro by Flares Audio, I probably am going to purchase that as I doubt the company is going to provide that free to me for review, although I'm waiting to hear from them on the 14th, as they said they are preparing something for me. So while I think a free unit is unlikely, its possible.

    However, I'm not expecting it because I know I'm still very new here and naturally I should first build up my reviews of paid for products before expecting free or even discounted items for my reviews at this point in time.

    Again, Fiio is doing something that very well could lead to deceptive reviews by doing this, and I don't think this is the way things ought to be on a site that prides itself on serious, honest reviews.
  7. FiiO USA
    Hi, you doesn't have to write about false positive reviews, what we ask for is your objective review/using experience~
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  8. FiiO USA
    Hi, it should be available now, if you're still interested~
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  9. Arysyn
    Yes, I understand that, but what I'm getting at here is this creates problems.

    I've already written here how this offer could lead people to write a falsely positive review that may not exactly be honest in describing the product, or their genuine opinions of it, afraud they may not receive the discount.

    For instance, a person could buy this product and do the right thing by being honest, but what if its bad? What if a buyer hates the product and writes a negative review, but happens to like other Fiio products. Yet when they show your company the negative review, are they still eligible for the discount?

    My point is, offering a discount in place of a review, may skew the truthfulness of the review. The whole point of reviewing a product is out of complete honesty to the reader, which incentives such as this may very well negatively impact.

    Also, to clarify what I wrote here earlier regarding reviewers receiving free products, in lieu of a review. I don't necessarily believe a reviewer will be swayed in their review by receiving a free product they need to return afterwards. However, I am suspicious of reviews that claim they've received a free product which they can keep after the review.

    I know this is going to sound bad to those here who think that is okay, but I'm honest, and so I'm going to say here that its wrong to keep an item given to you for free in exchange for a review. The reason being, besides what I've already mentioned here, is that doing so is very selective.

    It also is wrong for a company allowing this, because essentially they are choosing who to give free products outside the measures of a legal setup, such as sweepstakes, which are bound by laws that regulate them. It is an issue I personally have had experience with dealing from a company that discriminated even through a sweepstakes system. So anything outside of that offering free products to random people without a system of regulations in check, is bad.

    I won't go into further detail of that now. However, this would be better done in the form where a person can get a discount simply from sending in their receipt to Fiio, along with filling out an unpublished survey. That would be fair.
  10. Hawaiibadboy Contributor


    Don't ever expect free stuff. And make up your mind about the topic

    My goodness,put you on my ignore list in 3....2....1
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  11. Arysyn
    What I meant was in general speaking that I wouldn't expect a company to provide a free product for any reason, let alone a review, until building up several consistent quality reviews. Although, I've read posts here from people who've actually written they've emailed companies requesting this, which is very odd and inappropriate to ask.

    Edit Note - If that still isn't clear enough, even if I "earned" the "privilege", or whatever that is based upon a quota or whatever is needed to earn the right to a free product for review, I wouldn't take it. That is the point of my posts here, along with the nature of this coupon for review deal being harmful.

    Ignore me if you want, but there is no hypocrisy in my statements here, and no reason for being "wrong" in any way in what I'm saying here.
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  12. MichealRichard
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  13. Arysyn
    Yeah, and land buyers in jail when they attempt to make a purchase. No Thanks.

    Worse offer even than the scam Fiio was promoting here already.
  14. fuzzychaos
    Maybe I missed it, but I don't see anywhere that Fiio said the review has to be positive. If they had, I would certainly agree with you.
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