Post pics of your builds....
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A little upgrade to my CMoy. Made a new PCB to accommodate a low voltage indicator circuit (LED turns red when battery drops below 7,2 volts) and a trickle charger. As I had used up all the space on the end panels, the first time I built it, I now had to mount the charger socket vertically. It's a Hammond 1455C801 enclosure.


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looks good!
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@ Reintz
Good job on the that hand drawn?
I've been using that voltage trigger in my builds too, works great
doesn't it...
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So it took me longer than I expected, but I finally finished off my AMB alpha 10. Here are some pics:



And here it is in action:

alpha 10 is the top box, beta 22 is in the middle, and the sigma 22 for the beta 22 as well as the trafos/ssr for the alpha 10 are in the bottom box. 
A big thanks to Ti for making all of these awesome projects so well documented and accessible!
Just for kicks here is my complete AMB signal chain - PC --> gamma 2 --> alpha 10 --> beta 22

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Wow, very impressive! Great looking too!

bcg27:  This makes me wish I had the time, space and money to build something like that!  Beautiful build dude.  :D

Thanks for the compliments!
@Pageygeeza: I built these on and off over a period of about 6 months as I had some spare time. I also did all of my soldering, construction, and testing on my 4 foot diameter dining table. Any drilling or dremeling was done on my balcony which is maybe 8x10. So you don't really need a lot of space to do stuff like this, and since it is for yourself you can take as long as you want to build it.
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How do you get ExpressPCB to print out?
I didn't think it would print layouts...

Thanks, I used ExpressPCB as always. And I'm rather pleased with that voltage trigger - great little thingy.

Jul 2, 2011 at 4:53 PM Post #8,084 of 9,811
Thats good information for anyone looking for a good/free layout program.
I'll try and remember to pass that on to people. I use Eagle myself now,
but I have used ExpressPCB  quite a bit when I was getting boards done at work.
I use pdf995 Just install it and when you print in ExpressPCB then choose "PDF995" as your printer. Instead of printing, it creates a .pdf file of the layout. Then just print that .pdf file.

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I was wondering if anyone had any extra heatshrink that they could send me? I would need about an inch or two of two different colors (preferably red and white) to identify the left and right side of a my headphones? PM me if you are able to help.

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