Post pics of your builds....
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a humble CMoy:

board was made by psychaudio of audiophile-id. resistors are 1/8W Roederstein, caps are 2x 220uF Elna Cerafines, and there's the class-A biased AD825.
caps were piggybacked and zip-tied simply because... I had nothing to do, and I wanted to smell some solder fume, LOL. I ran out of 220uF 35V Cerafines so I slapped on the 220uF 25V anyway.
resistors on the input cap pads (1KOhm and 332Ohm) were actually meant for opamp input impedance matching; which turned out kinda unnecessary since R4 and R3 (the usual gain resistors) in parallel are ~1.3KOhm. oh well, they provided quite some attenuation anyway.
not visible in the picture are the C2s (opamp rail bypass caps), which are Vishay 1837s placed under the board.
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[size=x-small]Thanks for the kind words gents ![/size]
[size=x-small]@ Forte[/size]
[size=x-small]I’m afraid that we are a bit too late for that. [/size]
[size=x-small]The perfboards power supplies are no longer sitting on my table but are already built in one or other devices like this M3. [/size]
[size=x-small]Taking the amp apart, just to take a photo of the perfboard underside is really too much work.
[size=x-small]I will remember that for the next time when I make something on perfboard.[/size]
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May I ask what the perfboard is for in the above photos?
Looks great as always Ferrari :)
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Finally, I finished rebuilding my amp. All PCBs and capacitors are new. However, I'm not able to make that wiring look nice, as always.
I know, it's not the ultimate amp, nor cool tube amp, but I like it with GrubDAC. There is almost no noticable hum even with high sensitive earbuds. RMAA shows strong second and third harmonics.


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Here is my quick and dirty kgss.
DACT, Marc's sexy teflon jack, teflon coated HV spc, fully encapsulated sumr traffo, rsa approved gold knob.
Not bad for a couple of hours work.
o2 + this = whoa.




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(Winner gets a Chinese 12AU7 with an open filament!)


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