Post pics of your builds....
Dec 17, 2010 at 12:44 PM Post #7,592 of 9,811
They're looking okay...  I am waiting on a 24mm drill bit that I ordered (curse you slow china shipping curse you......)  I might just go by home depot and pick up one of those stepped drill bits if it takes much longer.  I could finish up the psu case now, but I was going to use the drill press at work for all the bigger back and rear panel holes, I was just waiting till I got the drill bit to do them all at once after work one day.
The power connector holes are useless right now anyhow as to use it on the amp without the other holes drilled would block up all the inputs ;p.
There is an extra transformer and e25 switch in the psu case as you can see... this is actually meant to do double duty powering a EHHA (in the same size case as the b22) and the B22 (not at the same time).  I used separate power buttons for the heater filament supply & s22.  I am undecided upon mounting the dc regulator for that in the psu case or the Ehha case at the moment... still waiting on parts to ship to me for that, will determine based on size (mostly height) maybe.  Perhaps my current little lm317 regulator would work okay but it was running really hot when I tried it before, it is actually attached to one of the back panels (using it as a heat sink) but has not yet been tested with that "heat sink" instead of the small to-220 heat sink I was using before.  So hah probably gonna be 2 extra tiny ventilation holes on the back of the ehha case ;p.
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Just popping my head back in! Nice builds guys, what's the new case styling in amps these days?

[size=x-small]mb3k, good to see you back.
[size=x-small]It seems to be that there is not a real new case styling in amps at all recently.[/size]
[size=x-small]However so many thing is possible in DIY regarding the used materials, colors, the shapes… [/size]
[size=x-small]The inspiring work HF-member zkool448 is worth to mention.[/size]
[size=x-small]Personally I think that it’s best to rely on your own creativity and create something that suits your taste/need.[/size]
[size=x-small]The casing of my most recent tube amp is done that way… just what I have in mind.[/size]

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I finished the boxes to the work of AMB Mini3 and the Mute Audio GrubDAC.
Great set, plays very well.

All American designs. Mini3, UE TF10,  Mute Audio GrubDAC, MacBook Pro

Wolfmother are Australians....


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So I got fed up waiting and picked up a stepped drill bit at sears...







Gonna turn this goofy thing into an amp, probably not the random pcbs that are in it though :O as I am waiting on another 2 channels and gonna put that in a similar case to the b22...  that is what the other plug on the psu is for btw, the heater transformer...  I think I will put the dc regulator inside the case for the ehha.  Incidentally that is probably not the dc regulator I am going to use for that project pictured but is something I was messing around with.  The holes on the back of the b22 case are from experimenting with that err I mean strategically placed ventilation holes...
Those are not my feet.  Uggs are an abomination but my gf will hear none of it :O.
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How about headphone stands? Do they count?

Just finished it today. You can't really see it in the picture, but I laser engraved my name on it. I thought it turned out well. Still have to put some kind of seal or finish on it though.
Dec 23, 2010 at 5:35 PM Post #7,601 of 9,811
I like the neat and clean look! Love it!

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