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Post pic(s) of your latest "significant" purchase(s)!!! v2.0

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  1. spookygonk

    You going biking on snow with those tyres?
  2. Redcarmoose

    The only snow here is in the fridge. This is just a bike to fool around on.
  3. Destroysall Contributor
    So I originally had decided on the new iPhone. However, I think I am talked out of it in favor of the late HTC One (M8). This device seems like the device to get and carries a much more powerful battery.
    Now to pick a case and a FiiO external DAC. :)
  4. mr56k

    The wife and I each got the new Moto X.
  5. dallan Contributor

    Actually, that is great for riding on the wet sand at low tide. One place I surf is over mile walk and we used to use beach cruisers to get up to the reef, but that bike would be a dream for it.
  6. DigitalFreak

    A nice quad of Tung Sol 5998     music.gif
  8. Androb
    That is a nice find!
  9. dallan Contributor
  10. dallan Contributor
    Got an opportunity to get one other one that i had been on the look out for.
    For a bit of variety love this style  of amps                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         wa3-2.jpg
  12. Destroysall Contributor

    I haven't heard the ESW10, but I have heard the ESW9 and it is still by far the best portable headphone I ever heard. I much prefer it to anything else on the market.
  13. dallan Contributor
    I have esw9, es10, esw10 and esw11. If u like the 9 u should hear these(esw10) and the 11's. The es10(titanium), although good, are a bit too bassy and clostiphobic compared to the others for my taste.
  14. Destroysall Contributor

    I hope to try those headphones in the future. The ESW9 has such a lush, organic approach to sound quality that sounded full, warm (almost tube-like), and clean. Even the bass was nice, in my opinion.
  15. dallan Contributor
    The esw10 is more resolving, makes the 9 sound a bit muffled if you a/b. The esw11 is just a bigger and more effortless sound.
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