Post pic(s) of your latest "significant" purchase(s)!!! v2.0
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Ya, most microphones only have minutely different sounds, even leading some to use a SM57 over a $1000 condenser for some projects.  Pro-audio definitely has more hype and whatnot than the Hi-Fi world.  Nice Fast Track, i personally have the Delta 192 from M-Audio, they have some great price to performance ratio, too bad M-Powered Protools is so expensive.

Thanks for the confirmation! I understand calibrated measurement mics and ones that withstand very high SPL or are known to be very durable costing a lot but other than that I'm quite sure affordable mics will do just alright.
And I'm lucky I will do just fine with the supplied Ableton Live Lite 8 it seems like a very easy to use and versatile program!
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cool man.  I didn't even know ALO and Pearl Audio existed.  I googled looking for hifi shops, too. 


I approve of the headphones and the triplefi 10s in your avatar. exactly what I have :D  ..that is if you have the DT880s...

Close... but they are just lowly 770 premiums, but they trounce the SR225is in every way so I am very happy with them.
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Actually not a new purchase, but I didn't have it framed until today. HR Giger's Katarakt which I got from eBay for $800.

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Sweeeeeeeeet! :D
I hate you :wink:
edit: Oh and do you have a sub? Definitely recommend it! :tongue_smile:

I've got my eye on an 8" REL sub. I need one for my EDM, but for my classic rock it doesn't need one as much as I thought it would. Just lacks a wee bit of authority, but they sound great without one.

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