Post CanJam cynicism.

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by krismusic, Aug 30, 2015.
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  1. castleofargh Contributor
    I love meeting people and try new gears. but I've never tried something that made me go "I want this!". well yes once, se-5 I think but I'm not even 100% sure, I was so drunk that I never acted on it. (my drunk decisions usually not being the brightest ones[​IMG]).
    if anything almost every time I could try a bunch of gears, I felt like I was fine with my stuff. also half of my audio decisions come from answering "how much does that hiss?". and you can't really test for that at a noisy meeting.
    so yeah, to me meetings are super cool and a great place to discover gears and say "wow this device sucks!".
    about not being blown away, I guess it's all about what you already experienced and your expectation level. also I feel like people with an objective mind replace their gears less often. is it because they bought something proper from specs, so bad surprises happen less often, statistically lowering the need to change? or is it more of a state of mind, as being more skeptical we usually don't follow sirens riding unicorns when more trusting people might just jump every time? or objectivists like gingers(evidence provided in south park) have no soul, so we don't notice the special energy coming out of some holy devices?
    everything is possible.
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  2. krismusic Contributor
    I am quite ginger as it happens!
    Sirens on Unicorns. Excellent! :)
  3. Neeley
    After sitting in on one of the various headphone designer / manufacturer seminars, and listening to the hype of how revolutionary their new drivers were and how 3d printing achieved a new excellence in their products, I made a swift exit to listen to these particular headphones before the rush of people bombarding  the stand saying 'shut up and take my money' .  WOW is the word that sprang to mind, indeed I was blown away - blown away with the sound of an eq curve resembling a pyramid and the peak being in the 800Hz region.
    I'm no golden ears but wtf. It genuinely confuses me  what people are hearing. 
  4. edstrelow Contributor
    I accept your comment about not being blown away by the meet but without knowing what you heard, or for that matter what was available to hear, I am  unsure as to what to think. There are certainly a lot of average system purporting to be super.  This is a business too after all hype is inevitable although ordinary memebrs are not immune from this failing either.   Recent Canjams have been more in the realm of trade shows.  The one this year in Orange County, Souther California had at least some space for members to show their stuff and I have heard some real member super systems at previous  meets,  although not so much this time (except possibly mine) [​IMG]
  5. krismusic Contributor
    CanJam London was certainly a trade show. A very friendly one with a great HeadFi vibe but it's a shame that the members rigs got cut at the last minute. I'm not cynical about that. I'm sure that there were good reasons but it was a shame.
    I've been to a couple of events that were much more focussed on members rigs.
    I've heard quite a lot of different gear now and my comments refer to pretty much everything that I have heard.
    This time around, as I mentioned, I gave a lot of time to the Chord Hugo being fed from an AK player. Listening using both Sennheisser 600's and Noble K10 CIEM's.
    I am under the impression that this set up is pretty high end. Certainly for portable.
    As I say. I was not impressed.
    I am very pleased with my K10's and figure that is pretty much as good as it gets.
    I left CanJam without the slightest desire to purchase anything I heard.
    I'll still be at the next one mind! :)
  6. Norabati
    Never having attended a Canjam event I have always wondered how it is possible to hear subtle differences in the environment of a noisy trade show. So the above comments are very interesting. The only solution is to go and try it myself. Sounds like a fun day out anyway. However, I noticed one post elsewhere on the forum where someone said that there is a show (s?) in Germany which are recommend. As I am often nearby I wondered if anyone had direct experience of any recurring German shows that they would recommend?
  7. Niouke
    well the K10 is pretty much as good as it gets, and hopefully so with that price tag!
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