Possible to change background color setting of website?
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Dec 26, 2010
Hello, I would like to take the opportunity to leave some feedback.
It's about the color background of this website, the current bright white background hurts and fatigues my eyes and it's to distracting...
I'm not sure if I'm simply becoming more sensitive to it, but on the last weeks/months I've been losing endurance in keeping my eyes pointed at Head-Fi and other website pages for long periods of times because of the bright white backgrounds applied...
When, after a certain amount of time (can't say how much for sure) looking at these webpages, I turn my eyes away, I notice that my vision is slightly blurred and color ill defined. :/ I probably spend to much time in front of the monitor...
But for the sake of my eyes and less fatigue, I would like to have a more eye friendly viewing experience here at this website as I keep on browsing it for a longer time than I would to admit...

Besides, I have the feeling that if my eyes are looking at something bright I can not really tune into headphone listening, it's very distracting, I always felt more able to hear into my music, and analise the hp sound itself, in a darker environment for some reason.
I'm sure that others have the same problem.
My monitor is at it's optimum settings and changing these will only result in lower quality viewing, won't resolve the issue for me.
I don't know if this has been discussed before but I would like to have the possibility to edit the background or theme color.
I want to make one or two suggestions for the future:
  1. to either introduce a background or theme color editing feature;
  2. and/or just change the background color from white to something less bright and agressive to the eyes. (maybe gray?... not kidding)
The latter case maybe should be decided upon an inquiry or a pool (which I could open in this thread if enough interest is showed and if allowed by the Mods/Admins) just so that the final color decision doesn't become a negative surprise to a lot of users.
I didn't find any color editing options, if there's such thing then I ask the administrators or the technical guys to point me to it... and sorry for my dumbness.
You can just PM me your reply if you so wish.
That's all...

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