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Possible Nigerian scam

  1. nofarewell
    In 2017.
    He reacted to a WTB classified of mine. First he registered here under
    the name "Shanbeygo". By Monday morning this message was in my box:
    "Shannon here! Decided to drop you a PM in respect to your ad placed. Email Gulley in WI, gulleycarons@gmail.com I think he has a Aiwa HP-V99 for sale.
    Have a nice day!"
    This was suspicious enough, especially that it was written during the night and the guy
    deleted the nick by the morning. But I played along as if I didn't suspect anything.
    The terms were the usual: cannot send pictures now but don't want to **** around either,
    if I want to buy it, I must pay asap to a Western Union acc. :) :)
    He waited until today and sent one picture which I traced back to a taobao auction in 10 seconds.
    When I confronted him that I know he just wants to rip me off with a link I found,
    he somehow apologized. I didn't know if this was more pathetic or funny. Pic attached, let this story be
    a testimony that this kind of thing still exists unfortunately. Be aware, demand authentic photos,
    and always use Paypal, Goods+Services! :point_up_2: And of course - if someone is from Wisconsin, you can
    expect he writes somehow that is more closely resembles a US citizen.
    c p gulley.JPG
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2017
  2. thegreatpeng
    Shoot man, I just got scammed by the same person in the same way! this same Ahole Gulley said he would be on an emergency trip right after I sent the payment, and never responded my messages. dan it I was lucky that I did not use MoneyGram or Walmart money order as he asked, but instead paypal. If I have not seen your post here I would have still been waiting for his response like an idiot. Thanks man for saving my time.
  3. Currawong Contributor
    A funny thing: Back when I was an admin, I had to make the red warnings at the top of the classifieds larger and larger, i think until they reached about 18-24 point text -- ie: HUGE, before anyone would read them and we'd stop getting weekly PMs about being scammed. Now that they are smaller, I guess people aren't reading them again, and current moderators haven't updated them with the latest details. Click below.

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  4. nofarewell
    Wow Dude I never thought I would actually help with it, then I am even more glad that it is here. :)
  5. thegreatpeng
    Absolutely! also the paypal address he used as part of the scam was


    in case anybody who doesn't know. I feel lucky that I have written the notes of what the payment is for, because he seems to have some following tricks for the paypal review, as he claimed that the payment was actually a refund etc. I have escalated the case to paypal dispute team, and I will update the result after the 10-day review period.

    Be aware of this s**ker!

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