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Portaphile Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by poimandres, Jan 28, 2013.
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  1. kalibur
    Cesar confirmed he uses a screw type connector for the micro. What a responsive guy to deal with!
  2. Poimandres
    Absolutely, I have tried a lot of amps since my original 627 and 627X and not only are his products by far the best in the business, so is his customer service!
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  3. upstateguy
    I liked the 627 but my Portaphile V2 Maxxed is still my favorite portable amp.  Small, light weight, 1 user replaceable 9V battery, lots of power to drive 880s, 650s and T1s, great 8610 sound.
    Don't under estimate the value of a user replaceable battery. If one battery runs out of power at an inconvenient time, I simply pop in another one and keep going.  Just like my digital camera.
  4. Poimandres
    The micro is too thin for a 9v battery though. I wonder how fast it would eat through them?
  5. Poimandres
    Hark what an incredible site to behold. To say I was shocked by the size of the Portaphile 627 Micro is an understatement.

    It is hard to believe that Cesar was able to cram all of the original 627 components into this new micro footprint. Hats off to you my friend, you have really outdone yourself this time.

    If you were the type that only judges a book by the cover you would already be ecstatic. The P627M is truly phenomenal to behold, its classic black matte and it's sleek contours simply outclasses any portable I have owned to date.

    As for the sound right out of the gate I am welcomed by the classic 627 sound that I adored.

    I have now come full circle after being without my classic 627 and 627X for over a year. It has been a long road and after a lot of ups and downs and a lot of top shelf portables I can say without a shadow of a doubt that IMHO there is nothing out there that even comes close.

    I look forward to burning in my new P627M, did I mention that it pairs superbly with the new Stoner Acoustics UD120? More to come.

    Thanks again Cesar for everything!
  6. head-hi
    The UD120 sounds great with the micro627 and HD600. And the HD650 sounds better with the UD120 than the UD110. They seem to brighten up a little from the UD110. It's all good.
    The UD120 is impressive. An excellent bargain.
    And I agree that the icing on the cake of the Portaphile line is Cesar's real support. He's offered twice to take my units in for a check-see. I just don't find the time to part with them. I call that a bargain. The best I ever had. The best I ever had. [​IMG]
  7. kalibur
    With such excellent support and superb reviews here, I just pulled the trigger on a Micro. Now the waiting begins..[​IMG]
  8. Poimandres
    You won't regret it.  Cesar's customer service is as valued as his amps.
  9. upstateguy
    OK, how about this:  You went out, headphones, amp and stuff and thought you had enough charge left.  You ran out of power.  Now what?
    Reach in your bag for another battery?  Oops, no can do.
  10. Poimandres
    Nah pull out a trusty anker USB charger.
  11. upstateguy
    LOL, which anker charger do you have?
  12. Poimandres
    I have ordered this one, is there a better one?
  13. upstateguy
    Gee, I don't know if there is a better one.... but it's 4.4 inches x 6.6 inches x 0.6 inches and 1.1 pounds. 
    A 9V battery is  approximately 2.17" X 1.2" X .59" and 1.6oz. (which seems to be .1LB)
    And what if the anker runs out of power for one reason or another? 
    The Anker kit you have to carry around: (plus a car charger)
    71drvDRB2BAL._SL1500_.jpg     vs.   one or two 9V batteries     opplanet-energizer-max-9v-alkaline-premium-batteries.jpg
    I still think the 9V batteries are a much easier solution.
  14. Poimandres
    However the anker is more than 1 or 2 9v batteries, it is 20,000 mah. It claims to charge a galaxy s4 6 times.
  15. upstateguy
    It seems counter productive to buy a small micro and drag along a giant anker power supply.....
    Anyway, it could probably power both your player and the amp..... which brings up another interesting subject.....  both my Fuze and Clip players can power my T1s without an amp, not at ear bleeding levels but as loud as I usually listen.
    What headphones are you using with your micro???
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