Portable tube amp from china?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by voodoo do-er, Sep 6, 2012.
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  4. Klaatu
    I got the B5 in today. It is indeed functional and it seems to be driving the daylights out of my HE-400 cans. I'm going to need some quality time with it, but so far I really dig it. IMG_20180118_182023.jpg Those are definitely tiny little red LEDs behind the tubes, so they don't glow by themselves. IMG_20180118_182007.jpg
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  5. Klaatu
    I noticed that it can be noisy as all get out if it's within a foot of the phone. I may have to dig out my old iPod Classic for use with this. The one time I've taken it out of the house I used a 4ft stereo cable and kept the amp in a separate pocket on the opposite side of my body as my phone and it seemed to isolate it adequately.
    The stereo jacks seem to be a little touchy; if something isn't plugged in snugly enough, the left channel will often cut out.
    As far as power, it was more than adequate to drive my HE-400 cans for my liking (really loud!) and seemed to do really well on battery life. It seems to be doing well within it's limitations.
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