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Portable Streaming Setup

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by brainchill, Oct 15, 2019.
  1. brainchill
    I'm not "new" to this per say but I mostly listen to ripped or pre-downloaded music from places like HDtracks, etc, mostly on a sony WM1a and mostly with IEMs (JH Audio 16v2 or Shure 846 or similar) .... I'm contemplating something portable that will let me do some light streaming. I was thinking about holding out for the ZX500 but that seems like we don't have any idea when it will hit ..... so I'm looking for other options. For me, the purpose of this, is not to replace my current setup but to be able to listen to some music, but to mostly stream from things like amazon music, tidal, Spotify, etc for the purpose of identifying new music that I enjoy that I would likely later download to keep on my offline player so not crazy expensive but still decent quality.... say sub-1k. At the moment I'm brainstorming the idea of buying a dragonfly cobalt and a usb adapter for my iPhone or maybe a FIIO m11pro or something ... but it has to have a decent screen, run on android (or work with IOS) .... so if you were looking for something like this, today, in 2019, what would you do/choose, and why?
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2019

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