Portable speaker recommendations (don't need BT)
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Dec 17, 2006
I am looking for a portable speaker in $40-150 range that I will connect to my Cowon J3 through AUX.
I bought the Cambridge Soundworks Oontz Angle Plus but found the sound quite disappointing, even with low expectations, and had to return it particularly as it had some issues with sound cutting out at low volume.
Now, I am looking at slightly higher priced models like JBL Charge 2.
What is the best bang-for-buck option at this price range?
Of course, audio fidelity is the most important criterion.
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I have the Charge 1 after trying a bunch of speakers in store and at home. I got it for it's combination of sound, portability, and volume. I only use my speaker with the aux jack. And it does a pretty good job of projecting sound when stood up (not laying on its side).

A very good budget bluetooth speaker is this Sharkk: http://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Bluetooth-Playtime-High-Def-Computers/dp/B00ES2BQ7M/
It really does perform as well as many of the ~$100 bluetooth speakers, IMO. The Charge is more mid centric; the Sharkk is a bit more v-shaped, but sounds about as good to me, a bit less volume. The Sharkk seems to have a bit more bass extension. I thought the Sharkk did as well as the Braven BRV-1 and the original Jambox. Ended up getting it for my son.

The Soundfreaq Sound Kick sounded the best of all the ones I demoed: http://www.target.com/p/soundfreaq-sound-kick-wireless-bluetooth-speaker-black-sfq-04/-/A-14101890. It has an interesting soundstage effect that gives it an edge when the listener is well-positioned to it. However, it is not as portable friendly (a bit big), requires a proprietary charger instead of micro USB, and it's max volume is reduced when on battery. I ultimately decided that since none of these speakers were going to be good for critical listening--more for background music--the bit better sound was not worth it. I'd use headphones for that.

Volume is important if you want to use them outside. Any speakers smaller than the Charge and the Sharkk sounded too much like cheap clock radio speakers to me with no midbass whatsoever and were a bit weak in overall volume.

So if you'd much rather stay close to $50, I'd go with the Sharkk. It really does compete well in your budget range.
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The Roland Cube range is popular and has been in continuous production for over 30 years. Some mates and I bought 3 in 1982. Two are still in casual use and they've had a hard life. The other one was nicked but it might even be still working somewhere for all I know.
The Mobile BA is within your budget. Cube Street would be awesome but it's closer to $300 than $150.
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I'm bumping this because I'm looking for the same thing, although I'll spend up to 200. I don't need bluetooth. It should easily fit in a suitcase as I'm going to be traveling a lot soon.
I've had the JBL on tour for a while but the lack of bass is making me look for more.
I'll be powering it with a geek out 450, if that makes a difference.
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I was at a July 4th party this weekend and was STUNNED at the quality and loudness of a UE Megaboom that was being used at the party. Quality enough to sound good as background music at the beginning of the party, loud enough for when the sun went down! I had dismissed this tube shaped speaker as a gimmick, but I was shocked at how good it sounded!

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