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Portable setup grado 325 jazz

  1. the chemist
    so I have been listening off and on over the years to various genres and have really settled on jazz/acoustics(think trace bundy) and vocals.

    I have had grado 60s,125s and now woody 325s.
    Right now I am using premium Spotify through iMac or iPhone. I have considered tidal but not sure I will be able to tell difference.

    Looking for portable suggestions. Even better if output is 1/4” to headphone. Since I have been in and out of the hobby, it is a bit concerning to see well known old brands like ray samuels no longer the “go to”. I would love to get an end game setup but the only brand I still see in the mix is woo audio. I occasionally still see headamp recommendations but...

    It is hard to justify 1k for a sweet setup and have technology catch up 2 years later and get a ifi black label or bottle crack that beats out your 2k setup.

    Trying to summarize my tandent. Low impedance portable amp/dac that I will be happy with for years?
    It gets difficult when looking for items without negative reviews. Only item without it seems to be wooaudio( think wa8).

    Cord mojo/poly and Schitt don’t get great reviews on acr forums but I also don’t want to spend an arm and a leg if technology will catch up in 2 yrs

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