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Portable Rig (DAP/Amp/IEM) Case-fi (please post pics)

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by grokit, Apr 11, 2010.
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  1. hockeyb213 Contributor
    Hippocase ftw :p
    just bought one off of ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270507383425&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT [​IMG]
  3. grokit

    Post a pic of how it looks with your rig when it arrives!
  4. feverfive


    Dang, if only that case was ~ 3/4" longer/taller...
  5. LeeMark

    Why, I have the same set up but use a whiplash LOD, and I can get it all into the Nite Ize and can even close the sipper except for the cord hanging out.  With your profile, is should be no prob.  I use either the Arrow or the Protector and can do this.  Get it, you will like it.
  6. feverfive


    I use a Whiplash TWcu viablue LOD in my setup...makes it about 6.5" long, I think, taking the LOD into account.  I'd rather have soemthing that wouldn't necessitate having my LOD sticking out.  BUT, I decided to go ahead & buy it (assuming ebay can process my Paypal...it's being flaky for some reason). since I just haben't been able to find anything better.
  7. usf09
  8. grokit

    Awesome travel case, with room for a charger/cable combo, IEMs in their own case, etc.
  9. usf09
    Yeah, I'm hoping everything fits...I want to use the UE square case, but I'm not sure of the height and if it'll fit in either compartment...
    But for $12, I'm going to buy one and try it out...if not, I'll use it for my GPS...I'll post impressions once I get it, let everyone know if it's worth it[​IMG]
  10. Pageygeeza
  11. GregVDS
    I was thinking about modding a Red Moleskine Agenda. There are some with dimension 9X14X2 cm.
    Replacing all pages by two neoprene rectangles glued to the front and back covers would let me arrange a J3 on the right and some ultra slim amp on the left (UHA-4, Arrow, whatever) and iems.
    Suffice to cutter out the exact footprints of the two devices, and some more for tactile buttons, volumes levels, output, and iems chamber for transport. I'll do my own mini to mini to have the good length and flex. On can use felt too, and that could even be quite posh :)
  12. batphink
    The Container Store has these media cases on sale for $9.
    They're padded and pretty roomy.  I got one for one of my minidisc recorders.
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