portable phone cabling
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Oct 15, 2004
where can i get thin, flexible cable to recable portable phones? i have thin teflon silver-plated-copper but it's just too stiff. i imagine it's the teflon coat that is stiff? no? also: even if i cannot get good flexible cable such as what generally comes with phones, what's the thinest silver-plated-copper teflon i can get? perhaps i could get more flexible silver wire? mostly right now i'm thinking about doing some modifications to a pair of akg k81dj's, so i certainly would like to keep costs down.

also: what about a small (perhaps not all metal?) mini connector? any tiny ones? i'd want straight, not 90-degree for my ipod shuffle

ps: i'm also starting to speculate about the possibility of opening up these cans and replacing the headband with something much lighter and simpler, all in the spirit of having them low-profile in public....humm
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Oct 9, 2004
If you want more flexible wire, you could try getting some with a higher number of strands. Looking through the Mouser catalog, it has 24 AWG teflon wire with either 7 strands of 32 gauge wire or 19 strands of 36 gauge wire. I'd assume that the one with the larger number of thinner strands would tend to be more flexible. I have no idea whether the Teflon insulation is any less flexible than PVC though.

I doubt it really matters if you go with 24 AWG or 30 AWG though, as the amount of current going through the wire is pretty small.

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