portable isolating headphones
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Mar 14, 2004
im lookin at some portable isolating cans, since mx500s are inaudible at safe listening levels on windy streets or in subway like vehicles. so, im lookin at canalphones. i guess on the market are the ex71s, shure e2 and e3, and ety er6 and er4-p. i will not have an amp and it will be powered by a dell dj.
comfort wise, im sure all are about the same level, but ive got pretty small ears/head. i listen to almost exclusively rock/alternative/acoustic. ive got ms-1s if that tells u anything. e5s are a bit pricey and out of the range, and the e3s and er4s are relly pushing it. wat will i gain from the more expensive ones over the cheaper ex71, e2, or er6?
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Originally Posted by skitlets
wat will i gain from the more expensive ones over the cheaper ex71, e2, or er6?

Apart from the sound features (where I let speak the experts :wink:) the e3 an 4p are smaller than the e2 and er6. So if you have small earchannels then they would probably fit better.
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I've never heard Ety's, but from the various threads I've read, they have quite a strong following -- and their following is with people who know headphones and know audio. I have E3c's, and I do like them a lot, but from what I've read, the Ety er4-p beats them hands down. But they ain't cheap. So, in my opinion, you should probably get either E2c's, E3c's or Ety er4-p's in that order, depending on your wallet. I'm not sure where the er6 fits into the group.
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ill probably just get the e2c, and wen i find the cash, drop everything into an e5 and be done with it.

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