portable, inexpensive, powerful amp?
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Jun 19, 2004
Sorry if this isn't the best place to ask, but I really don't know where else to go.

I'm in a juggling club that uses a stereo twice a week while we juggle, that has to be transported from place to place. We had an old all in one style stereo, but it recently died. The speakers are still sounding fine, though. We were only using the unit for its amp and 1/8" input, at this point, so I was thinking maybe we could just get a small kinda portable amp to replace the whole big clunky (and now dead) unit. Thus, my question is:

Do they make portable amps that have 1/8" input and normal speaker-wire output, preferably for low cost?
If you, where could I find one, and does anyone have any recommendations. Sound quality isnt so much of an issue as power is. The speakers are large and the room is very big, thus we need a lot of juice. Oh, and I stress that it needs to be portable enough to carry up and down two flights of stairs twice a week and can take some hits.

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