portable headphones
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Aug 23, 2004
Only portables ive tried are the PX200, portapros and the KSC line. (35,50,75)

I think the KSC75s are the best. The KSC50s are ok but the clip on the 75s beat the 35s and the 50s. The portapros sound good and fold up really cool but if yoru hair is fairly long it can get painful. The band snags your hair

I want to try the PX100s i hear they sound better, ive seen these "retro" looking PX100s that look really cool with the yellow pads but i havnt found any.

The PX100s and 200s come with a hard plastic case this could be good when your in a rush to throw em in a backpack.

I didnt like the 200s because they are closed and i think that restrics the bass, they sounded thin to me. The 100s are open so i think they are a little thicker sounding.

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