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Portable headphone similar to the Grado SR80i quality?

  1. rainostr
    I just love my SR80i. I'm not an audiophile but I like my music to sound good. However, I really can't take these on the subway to college for obvious reasons, so I use the in-ear Sennheiser CX 280 which I don't really like, they are not as clear and natural sounding like the Grados. Poor soundstage as well.
    I'm looking for some good on-ear headphones that can give me something close to the SR80i for a $100 or less. I've come across the AKG K 450 ($80 on amazon) and they seem like a good option for some noise isolation, I would prefer the iGrado assuming they sound similar to the SR60is and 80is (being open headphones) but I'm afraid I won't hear a thing on the commute, not enough to enjoy the SQ.
    What do you guys think? is there a better option out there?
    Thanks a lot!
  2. Mad Max
    The only substitute for a Grado is another Grado.  =(
    RE-ZERO or RE0?  Very clear and natural, a bit thin in the midrange (RE0), but definitely not a Grado.  It might make you happy anyway.
  3. rainostr
    Thanks! I actually got the RE ZERO and I'm really enjoying them!

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